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Rapture: The Ultimate Cop-Out

Let me try to understand.  You are going to be magically raptured up to heaven in the last days, where it will be all milk and honey?  You don’t have to bother to rectify any of life’s evils, because it is all preordained?  All this? Just by claiming to be a Christian and mindlessly supporting the murder of Muslim women and children to hasten the end of days? Wow! What luck for you and your kin!  Next time your poverty-pimp, Mercedes driving preacher is lecturing you about Romans 13 or the plight of poor little Israel, try to tune out the inner voice reminding you it’s all a bunch of bullshit – Editor


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ADL discovers Nazi nation in the Middle East and it’s not “Israel”

by Michael Hoffman

Paranoia and libel abound in the following article from the “Jerusalem Post.” Here is their definition of murderous anti-semitism: “…lethal anti-Semitism — a second Holocaust targeting the Jewish state.”

This is the language of hysteria calculated to provoke the assassination of the Iranian head of state and a US or Israeli air force bombing holocaust against Iran, in the name of preventing the alleged imminent Iranian threat of a holocaust against “Israel.”

This is madhouse logic. It reduces complex geo-politics, revisionist homicidal gas chamber skepticism and legitimate outrage at the bloody racism of the Israeli government, to the lowest common propaganda denominator, “Jihad and Jew hate.” How about an alarm over “Judaism and Arab hate,” which has engendered the mass murder of tens of thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian Arabs?

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A Rabbi’s Freudian Slip

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Julian Assange Does Not Value Human Life


WikiLeaks founder told reporters files should not be censored before they were published, new book alleges

  • Amnesty International said naming Afghans risked ‘deadly ramifications’
  • Assange so scared of the CIA he disguised himself as a woman

Julian Assange: Well-educated but described as ‘dishevelled, like a bag lady walking in off the street’

Julian Assange said U.S. informants named in secret cables ‘deserved’ to be killed and initially refused to redact their names, a new book has revealed.

WikiLeaks published thousands of names of Afghans in 77,000 classified war files put on the whistle-blowing website, attracting criticism from international charities and governments.

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Jewish Influence in the US Government

Keep in mind, people claiming to be Jewish account for 2% of the US population and about .02% of world population.  If there were this many Hindus in positions of power in the US government, wouldn’t you be asking questions?

Deputy White House Chief of Staff – Mona Sutphen

Special Presidential Adviser – David Axelrod

Secretary of Treasury – Timothy Geithner

Deputy Secretary of Treasury – Neal Wolin

Under Secretary of Treasury – Lael Brainard

President of the New York Fed – Carole Sonnenfeld

Economic Advisor to Obama-Biden – Robert Reich

Economic Advisor to Obama-Biden – Robert Rubin

Ambassador to Middle East – Dennis Ross

Director Centers for Disease Control – Douglas Shulman

IRS Commissioner – Richard Haass

Director of Management and Budget – Peter Orszag

Chairman of Commodities Futures Trading Commission – Gary Gensler

U.S. Solicitor General (Supreme Court Nominee) – Elena Kagan

Chief of Staff to Vice President Biden – Ron Klain

Chairman Council of Advisors on Science and Technology – Eric Lander

Co-Chair of Advisors on Science and Technology – Harold Varmus

Deputy Secretaries of State – Jacob Lew and James Steinberg

White House Director of Communications – Ellen Moran

Middle East Desk National Security Council – Daniel Shapiro

Chairperson Securities and Exchange Commission – Mary Schapiro

Chairperson Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) – Sheila Bair

Major Legal Advisor to Obama-Biden – Sally Klain

Special Envoy to Pakistan/Afghanistan – Richard Holbrooke

Head of Small Business Administration – Karen Mills

Chairman Federal Trade Commission – Jon Leibowitz

Chairman Federal Communications Commission – Julius Genachowski

Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration – Dr. Margaret Hamburg

Deputy Commissioner Food and Drug Administration
- Dr. Joshua Sharfstein

Assistant to President for Legislative Affairs – Phil Schiliro

National Finance Chair – Penny Pritzker

Chief of Staff for Michelle Obama – Susan Sher


The List goes on and on!

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Rahm Emanuel’s Father Specialized in Bus Bombings in Palestine

Wikipedia deleted the page about Rahm Emanuel’s father in 2008. Makes you wonder.

A well-placed British source informed WMR that Rahm Emanuel’s father, Benjamin Emanuel, specialized in the terrorist bombings of buses carrying British troops and policemen during the British Mandate in Palestine.

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Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden

Israel is not America’s 51st state.  Take a step back and think about what Biden is saying here.  He claims allegiance to an ideology that has nothing to do with the American people.  Please tell me what makes Israel more important to America than Botswana.  I know the tired old propaganda, “Israel is a vibrant democracy,”or “without Israel, America would be lost in the Middle East.”  Without Israel, America wouldn’t even be in the Middle East!  The Israeli Zionists seize every opportunity to attack and undermine the United States. (USS Liberty, Pollard).  Joe Biden is one heartbeat away from the ultimate puppet post and Rahm Emmanuel is trying to be mayor of Chicago.  Speaking of Rahm, not only did his father specialize in blowing up buses with the Irgun during the founding of Israel, he is such a patriot that during the first Gulf War, he signed up to fight … for the Israeli Defense Forces!!  It is time to repudiate the murderous ideology of Zionism and hold it’s water carriers responsible.  And of course, anti-zionism is NOT anti-semitism!!

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Condoleezza Rice: send Palestinian refugees to South America

Palestinian boys in Rafah refugee camp, Gaza Strip. Condoleezza Rice suggested sending refugees to Chile and Argentina. Photograph: Abid Katib/Getty Images

The United States proposed giving Palestinian refugees land in South America as a radical solution to a problem that has haunted Middle Eastpeace talks for decades.

Condoleezza Rice, the Bush administration’s secretary of state, wanted to settle displaced Palestinians in Argentina and Chile as an alternative to letting them return to former homes in Israel and the occupied territories. Rice made the proposal in a June 2008 meeting with US, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in Berlin, according to minutes of the encounter seen by the Guardian.

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Middle East peace talks leaks: Obama ‘backed out of land promise to Palestinians’

By Adrian Blomfield, Ramallah 12:12AM GMT 25 Jan 2011

Confidential Palestinian documents leaked to Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based television network, suggest that Mr Obama retreated from a promise that territory occupied by Israel after the Six Day War of 1967 should become the basis for a future Palestinian state.

The documents, part of a second tranche of the “Palestine Papers” released by Al Jazeera on Monday evening, indicate that Mr Obama’s change of heart was the result of Israeli pressure.

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“Anti-Semitism” Trains Us Like Pavlov’s Dogs

January 22, 2011
“We can counter the Pavlovian programming by saying “the political agenda of organized Jewry is bad, and if its ‘anti-Semitic’ to oppose evil, I’m proud to be an anti-Semite!”

by Tim Warner

I grew up a gentile amongst Jews in the NYC suburbs and the subject of “anti-Semitism” has always amazed me. As I’ve grown older, it’s become even more of an “untouchable issue” as “political correctness” has eroded free speech.

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