Tim Russert: An Example for the Corporate Media

by Burning Babylon

In the months following the premature death of Tim Russert, I have been disappointed that his colleagues have seemingly learned little from the career of the “Meet the Press” host. While lauded by many in the corporate media as the one to ask the tough questions, his last years reveal him to be a closed-mouth, syncophantic proponent of the status quo. Whether being confronted about 9/11 or railroading dissenting guests, Russert exposed himself as a member of the controlled opposition, tailor-made to fit the hegelian worldview of the educated American sheep. While much ado was made of his death, the corporate propaganda grinds on, an unrelenting, mind-raping machine. Instead of looking at Russert’s death as a mile marker on the road paved with good intentions, his colleagues trudge on into the abyss. While coronary artery disease caused his death, years of posing as a friend to the American people, while, at the same time, working at behest of the very people bent on destroying them, can’t be good on the old ticker. Chris Matthews and the like should take heed. The time of subversion and betrayal has come to an end. Your medium is quickly going the way of the dinosaurs and soon enough the only one believing your lies will be you. You are well aware that many are mobilising against you, not with truncheons and guns, but with cameras and websites. You are no longer free to walk down our streets unimpeded. We will be there to confront you and show your hollowness to all on the internet.

Russert’s death should drive home the quickness of the reckoning we will all one day face. Instead of being remembered as a traitor to your people, filled with the most despicable sort of greed, you can stand with your neighbors and spread light and truth to your audiences. Everyone is welcome to join in the pursuit and dissemination of truth, even at this late stage in the game.


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