HPV Vaccine Associated with Serious Adverse Effects

August 30, 2008

As of June 30, 2008, there have been 9,749 VAERS reports of adverse events following Gardasil vaccination. Of these, 94% were classified as reports of non-serious events, and 6% as serious events.

Concerns have been raised about reports of deaths occurring in individuals after receiving Gardasil. As of June 30, 2008, 20 deaths had been reported to VAERS. There was not a common pattern to the deaths that would suggest they were caused by the vaccine. In cases where autopsy, death certificate and medical records were available, the cause of death was explained by factors other than the vaccine.

Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) has also been reported in individuals following vaccination with Gardasil. GBS is a rare neurological disorder that causes muscle weakness. It occurs spontaneously in unvaccinated individuals after a variety of specific infections. FDA and CDC have reviewed the reports of GBS that have been submitted to VAERS. To date, there is no evidence that Gardasil has increased the rate of GBS above that expected in the population. While FDA continues to carefully analyze all reports of GBS submitted to VAERS, the data do not currently suggest an association between Gardasil and GBS.

Thromboembolic disorders (blood clots) have been reported to VAERS in people who have received Gardasil. Most of these individuals had risk factors for blood clots such as use of oral contraceptives which are known to increase the risk of clotting. Thromboembolic disorders as well as other medical events are being studied through the VSD in previously planned controlled studies. The manufacturer has also committed to conduct a large postmarketing study to further assess the vaccine’s safety.



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3 responses to “HPV Vaccine Associated with Serious Adverse Effects

  1. Lone Wolf

    Can I ask for the source of this information?

  2. burningbabylon

    Hi Lone Wolf. This post came from pharmawatchdog.com

  3. Lone Wolf

    That site is run by a lawyer which in an of it self means nothing however I did a search of the site and found a post that seem to be where you got your information and on theres an image that says “Contact an attorney now! Get a free case evaluation” and it has a youtube video on it of a guy that states that the HPV virus does not cause cervical cancer and all the scientists, doctors and FDA knows this but they are lying. And it gives no source for its information.
    Advertisement for services provided by the guy who owns the site, it gives no source for its information and a video which the claims of a crazy conspiracy theorist. Basically the site has no credibility.

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