Obama’s Bad Omens

By Lame Cherry


I noticed that as the Democrats rolled into Denver on August 24th that it just so happened that a tornado touched down at a place named “Happy Canyon”.

That sounded like a very bad omen, so I started looking for other bad omens concerning Barack Hussein Obama and he certainly has a pattern in this campaign of happenings foretelling bad things.

Rachel Farris of Texas had what she called “Devil License Plates” in 666 HEX. She changed her plates from devil license plates to Obama. Bad omen.

As Barack Obama started off his campaign bid, his plane landed in Des Moines. The problem was he was supposed to be in Cedar Rapids, 100 miles away.
No one was in Des Moines and Obama was in the wrong place starting out. Bad omen.

In the Kentucky Derby, Hillary Clinton bet on a horse which broke down and had to be killed. Barack Obama bid on Colonel John who came in sixth. Bad omen.

Big Brown the favorite to win it all as a prototype of Barack Obama failed miserably in the long race finishing last after winning big a first. Bad omen.

Barack Obama went bowling in March and threw gutter balls. Bad omen.

Barack Obama’s plane while flying high over America had trouble in the heartland and the plane only gained control after it descended, but was forced to land in Missouri ending his trip.
Missouri is a swing state. Bad omen.

Rocker Bruce Springsteen announced he was backing Barack Obama. Mr. Springseen in 2004 backed John Kerry heavily who lost big. Bad omen.

Rock band Pink Floyd was at the Southern California music festival in May. Their trademark pink pig balloon was there with political slogans, Barack Obama’s name written on it and by a ballot box for Sen. Obama.
The pig broke away from it’s tethers and was found in La Quinta, CA torn to shreds by the wind.
Bad omen.

Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters during the music festival had Barack Obama fliers with his name printed on them with a check mark dropped on Indo, CA neighborhoods.
Citizens called the police over the mess and the concert promoters had to send people to go clean up the trash. Bad omen

During the Obama campaign march his famous black male supporters have been having real problems, Stevie Wonder fell very hard at a rally. Morgan Freeman was in a serious car accident breaking his shoulder and Bernie Mac died unexpectedly. Bad omen.

Barack Obama recently had a gathering on the east coast. His guests were Michael Dukakis and John Kerry, the Bay Area Loosers. Bad omen.

When Barack Obama phoned Joe Biden telling him he was the Vice Presidential pick, Joe Biden was having root canal done. Bad omen.

When announcing to his supporters that he had chosen Joe Biden, Barack Obama said, “Joe Biden is ready to be President”.
Bad omen.

To finish the course, the anagram for Obama and Biden is “I B A BAD OMEN”.

If this were the Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Russians seeing these kinds of signs they would be pulling the curtains, locking the doors, hiding under the bed and burning incense and saying prayers to their “gods”.


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