Sarah’s Not-So-Perfect World

By Jim Kirwan
Sarah Palin went public yesterday for the first time. In her not-so- perfect world it seems that her realities have little to do with either the truth or with anything else in the real world. (1)
Small town experience brings with it certain limitations that do not translate into actual leadership elsewhere, a fact which Sarah Palin seems to be unaware of. True she was a mayor of a very small town, also true she was governor of Alaska; yet these parts of her resume are not typical or transferable to any other place or time. These two facts have more in common with being a student body leader in a large Highschool, than they do with running a city or a business. Because in most of America to run a city or a business one must deal with the real powers, those nasty criminal enterprises that now run all our lives. Sarah had loads of money to play with and conditions that only apply to the citizens of Alaska.
Throughout her life Sarah Palin has only had to please herself. From her speech it is clear that she is an extreme fundamentalist which is not something that many public office holders can claim to be in the rest of the United States. She shares the Dictator’s habit of talking to god and proclaiming what God has decreed for human affairs: Again not something that too many in the public eye are comfortable with doing, because this view tends to cancel-out all the traditional values that ordinary people have, when seeking either their own freedom from government intrusion, or the ability to build their own lives into the kinds of success that hard work and creativity can achieve.
Sarah is a loyal party follower, not the kind of leader she pretends to be. She believes in privatizing everything in favor of corporate dominance over the public’s very real interests when it comes to any topic that impacts our lives, our freedoms, or our collective futures.
Sarah wants to eliminate government’s legally stipulated duty of “protecting the people from the government” and she advocates replacing this with simply co-opting the existing government to serve the needs of the fascist corporate-criminal enterprise that has become known to us as the ancient New World Order.
In Sarah’s world the government would be confined to issuing secret no-bid private contracts for everything that needs attention from security and disaster preparedness to jobs and health and hunger. In her world there is no problem that cannot be fixed by private enterprise or its millions of contract-operatives, worldwide! Of course her use for government is to use it to finish fleecing the public in order to pay for all this theft and greed and blatant power; using the public’s money to permanently enslave everyone who is not onboard with the script that was written for her by the New World Order!
Sarah obviously drank the Kool-Aid because she still believes the propaganda created around Al Qaeda, in that darkly conspiratorial fantasy that was used to justify the events of 911. Sarah also believes the lies that led to our illegal pre-emptive wars upon Afghanistan and Iraq. Politically, Sarah Palin is as naive as any new-born babe and that is not a quality which anyone wants to have, just a heart-beat away from the Oval Office.
In one instance Sarah Palin is dead wrong about America’s energy independence and oil reserves. We have enough oil and gas to last America for the next two-hundred years and this has been the case since the 1950’s. She should know this because the sealed oil reserves are in her state, and her failure to offer them as a solution is indicative of her truly unqualified status as a leader of any kind. (2)
In her remarks before the Republican Convention Sara tried to speak about “How are you going to be better-off under an Obama regime,” obviously forgetting that thanks to the last eight years this nation and its people are living on the edge of oblivion! Neither major political party seems to have any interest in changing this fact: but should her policies be adopted the public would not need to worry about taxes because under the USA P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act the fraudulent U.S. government will just take the money from our accounts; in the National Security Interests of the United States of course!
The owners are only waiting for ‘after-the elections’ to do this, because then there will be no remote possibility to alter anything about our actual “condition-in-this-time-of war.” This same situation also applies to our various foreign policies as well: because in that nether-world, that will exist after the elections and before the successor takes his or her place, there will be no-one in charge of anything except the commander-in-chief!
In the time leading up to Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech a great many things were happening in the streets of St. Paul Minnesota that will help skeptics understand the depth of the importance of what is happening to Americans, in the here and now, as opposed to what might happen in Sarah’s Not-So-Perfect World.
The St. Paul Demonstrations
“AMY GOODMAN: Here in St. Paul, Ramsey County prosecutors have formally charged eight members of a prominent activist group with conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism. The eight members of the RNC Welcoming Committee are believed to be the first persons ever charged under the 2002 Minnesota version of the federal PATRIOT Act. The activists face up to seven-and-a-half years in prison.” (3)
Here is the literal application of what is still pending before the Senate of the United States, in its Thought Crimes legislation, which has already been passed by the U.S. House of Representatives (H. R. 1955) by a 404 to 6 vote, against the American people and for the formal enslavement of the public! (4)
This garbage is being used to stop citizens from gathering video evidence of police abuses, during public events to which the public is entitled to attend and to demonstrate either for or against whatever is being discussed: especially at the political conventions of both major parties. This is critical because video evidence is the best evidence whenever there is any disagreement during an arrest and the public is the ultimate beneficiary of this freely collected video-evidence: which is why the police are hell- bent on forbidding the collection of this information. (5)
Throughout the Republican Convention the St. Paul police and Sheriff’s Department in cooperation with the FBI and Homeland Security have been behaving like the true criminals they are, by flaunting their flagrant abuse of the existing laws of the nation in favor of the now active fascist police-state that has now apparently become our ‘owners.’ See the whole image of what has just recently taken place and then re-visit the speech that Sarah Palin delivered in her feminine version of Cheney’s political style. (1) Read between the lines and listen with your mind and your heart: because the truth here is far different than anything suggested by Mrs. Palin or any of the political hacks now scrambling for the farce of the national spotlight! How much longer will you continue to stand by and watch without actually hearing what is really taking place! (6)
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