Witness To WTC Explosions On 9/11 Kills Himself

Suicide of hero WTC janitor raises suspicions among truth groups

Steve Watson
Friday, September 5, 2008

A janitor who worked in one of the World Trade Center towers and helped save lives on 9/11, in addition to witnessing what he described as “explosions” in the tower basement, has committed suicide.

The New York Daily News reported yesterday that Kenny Johannemann shot himself in the head last Sunday, August 31, 2008.

Mr Johannemann’s suicide note stated that he was taking his own life as he was being evicted and could not handle homelessness. The note also stated that since 9/11 he had become depressed and had been drinking.

Here is the entire text of the note, a picture of which can be found here, as reported in the Daily News:

“The reason I killed myself was ’cause I was getting evicted and can’t handle homelessness. I was also very depressed since I was in 9/11. I’ve been drinking way too much and it’s ruined my life. I’ve lost friends and family over drinking and I’m very lonely. There is nothing left for me to be happy about other than my cat. Sounds weird, but it’s true. I just wanted to say I’m sorry 2 any people I ever hurt in my life. I really was a good person when I wasn’t drinking. I hope people remember that.


Kenny Johannemann”

According to the Daily News report, relatives found another letter next to his suicide note. The second letter (right), dated October 31 2001 and type written on White House stationery featuring the president’s signature, was an acknowledgement of Johannemann’s bravery on 9/11.

Read the full story at Infowars.net.


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