Poll Du Jour: Americans Favor McCain’s Statism Over Obama’s

Kurt Nimmo
September 8, 2008

It’s called the “enthusiasm gap,” when people are not inspired or even casually interested in a political candidate. According to Susan Page of USA Today, the Republican National Convention has closed this gap for McCain, the doddering Senate fixture from Arizona, the statist who loves to spend your money and mine, who enthusiastically supports wars against people who never did anything to us, and calls for more war against more awesome rivals, namely Iran but especially Russia.

Palin and McCain
If Sarah Palin is a libertarian as advertised, this will be subsumed by the larger Republican chorus of neocon politics — not limited government, but government on Rockstar Energy Drink: more deficit spending in the name of more invasions of small and defenseless countries.

“McCain leads Democrat Barack Obama by 50%-46% among registered voters, the Republican’s biggest advantage since January and a turnaround from the USA TODAY poll taken just before the convention opened in St. Paul,” USA Today informs.

Between now and November, of course, the deck will be shuffled again. It’s all part of the show.

According to USA Today, the GOP has been “rejuvenated” with the injection of Sarah Palin. It is said Ms. Palin is a limited government Republican and she likes Ron Paul, but the corporate media is wont to report this. Instead, they ramble on incessantly about troopergate and babygate and other such inanities. Of course, if it’s true — Palin is a libertarian — this will be subsumed by the larger Republican chorus of neocon politics — not limited government, but government on Rockstar Energy Drink: more deficit spending in the name of more invasions of small and defenseless countries.

I wonder, will Ms. Palin complain about the fact the besieged American taxpayer is on the hook for more than $750 billion to the Federal Reserve bankers? As it now stands, or did in 2006 — the latest numbers at my fingertips — I owe the bankers around $2,500. Instead of complaining about Russia, as she did in her speech at the RNC, Palin needs to say something about the fact the federal government spends $7.4 billion a day or $5.1 million every minute of the year. As a supposed libertarian, concern for this sort of borrowing and spending should be her obsession.

“McCain has narrowed Obama’s wide advantage on handling the economy, by far the electorate’s top issue,” notes USA Today.

So, how would McCain “handle” the economy? He’d welcome back the central banker, Alan Greenspan. Back in January, McCain said if elected he’d “establish a bipartisan commission that would capitalize on the gravitas of former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan,” writes Juliet Eilperin for the CIA’s favorite newspaper, the Washington Post.

Mr. Gravitas? More like Mr. Housing Bubble. McCain should be holding Greenspan accountable for the role he played in wrecking the economy, not suggesting he be called up for more service.

How is it the American people, according to this latest corporate media poll, think McCain is a winner on the economy? He has promised to cut taxes for the commoners. But then it depends how you count taxes. McCain voted to raise Social Security payroll taxes and voted for a $1.10 per-pack tax on cigarettes. Some may say that’s not really fair because McCain voted for those tax increases back in the 1990s. However, less than two months ago, McCain told the former Clintonite George Stephanopoulos on ABC that he does not want tax increases, but there is “nothing that’s off the table.” In other words, everything may change on the day he walks into the Oval Office. Imagine my surprise.

At any rate, it should be obvious the polled are not paying attention to such niggling details. Instead, they are watching the tube and digesting the pablum: Ms. Palin is more attractive than Joe Biden.

Joe’s just another clique face, spouting the same old war all the time garbage, albeit with the Dem slant. Joe voted for Lieberman’s attack Iran amendment. He favors the Democrat version of perpetual war for perpetual peace — take the troops out of Iraq and throw them in Afghanistan and go after Pakistan. He wants more FBI agents, more cops, more UAVs in the sky, and more spending “to create a more robust intelligence and military community,” that is to say a more effective control grid for the American people under the guise of the now threadbare GWOT, an acronymn that is more than a recycled rhetorical device.

Obama and Biden will continue — and increase — the confiscatory taxation that never seems to end, no matter what side of the One Party System is in control of the White House. Obama, however, likes to talk about how he’ll screw the American people, whereas McCain prefers to run and hide, as Republicans always do when confronted with the prickly issue of taxation, as they are supposedly the anti-tax party.

Back in February, Obama was so elated with a primary win in Wisconsin, he waxed philosophical, sort of the way dictators do when they are buoyed by confidence. Obama not only wants your money, he wants your soul:

In the end, this economic agenda won’t just require new money. It will require a new spirit of cooperation and innovation on behalf of the American people. We will have to learn more, and study more, and work harder. We’ll be called upon to take part in shared sacrifice and shared prosperity.

It should be obvious by now bankers never share the sacrifice. In order to make you feel a little better about anting up even more of your money, the banker’s candidate Obama is pushing the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goal, that is to say a global carbon tax. Part of this levy will likely go to a new Global Cop Corps that will “bring security” to “failed states” around the world. In other words, troops from China and India, infused with your money, will make the world safe for the bankers and “private direct investment,” that is to say more loan sharking at gunpoint.

Now that the RNC is history and we are assured McCain received a “bounce,” we can look forward to these two statists slugging it out on the campaign trail, saying the same thing with little twists of nuance, sort of like two competing snake oil salesmen selling the same brand to clueless rustics.

Sarah Palin may fool some of the people some of the time with her supposed libertarianism and her soccer mom personality designed to appeal to women, but at the end of the day it will be more of the same, albeit it with a brand spanking new Earl Scheib paint job.

Besides, vice presidents are really little more than cigar store Indians, that is unless they are Dick Cheney.


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