Olbermann Punished for Crying Foul at GOP Exploitation of 9/11 Tragedy

Countdown anchor pulled from election coverage after being singled-out as a pariah of the ‘fair and balanced’ main-stream media

Aaron Dykes
September 10, 2008

Keith Olbermann, well-known critic of terrorism fear-mongering and the Bush administration alike, has apparently lost his election coverage anchor position at MSNBC for his alleged ‘bias’ in reporting.

While he has come under fire for ‘leaning left,’ the straw that broke the camel’s back was not Olbermann’s preference for Obama or for Democrats over Republicans, but the crime of criticizing the blatant exploitation of the September 11th attacks.

Olbermann apologized to viewers shortly after the GOP convention aired a blatant propaganda video invoking 9/11– which erroneously linked Iran with 9/11, and readily showed burning buildings and victims of the attacks in the name of spurning on towards “victory” in the War on Terror and electing John McCain:

“If at this late date any television network had of its own accord shown that much graphic videotape– I speak as someone who lost several friends there– it, we would be rightly eviscerated at all corners, perhaps by the Republican party itself for exploiting the memories of the dead and for perhaps trying to evoke that pain again. If you reacted to that videotape the way I did, I apologize. It is a subject of great pain for many of us still and it was probably not appropriate to be shown.”

For that statement, and presumably others, Olbermann and Hardball’s Chris Matthews, who apparently aided the former in his discussion, will no longer be primary anchors during MSNBC’s 2008 election coverage, but will be mere correspondents for David Gregory, who is cozy enough with the Bush Administration to dance unashamedly with Karl Rove.

Tom Brokaw, who was reporting alongside Olbermann when the statement in question was made, may have had a role in his ousting. The Washington Times states:

At a panel in Denver, sponsored by the Joan Shorenstein Center on Press, Politics, and Public Policy, Mr. Brokaw said that MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann demonstrated bias in their election reporting: “I think Keith has gone too far. I think Chris has gone too far.”

If biased news reporting were really a crime, there would not only be a staffing shortage at every TV network, but Fox News headquarters would be struck by lightning. All of the major news networks are completely subservient to the establishment two-party dictatorship and, as such, incapable of acting in the public’s best interest anyway.

MSNBC isn’t left-leaning, it’s a corporate mouthpiece for the military-industrial complex, alongside CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC etc. ad nauseam. Olbermann was merely a Howard Beale-figure– good at grafting a segment of the population opposed to the establishment media’s stronghold into its viewership circle.

Not only is the cry of ‘bias’ a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but it is the case of making a pariah out of the one MSM anchor who tells some truth inside a pit of vipers– Olbermann was, for instance, the sole televised anchor to report on a Cheney staff meeting where staging a false-flag incident was admittedly considered. The manufactured crisis would have sacrificed Navy SEALS to provocate war with Iran.

While Cheney admittedly considered crafting terror outright, and murdering Americans in the process, Olbermann is the one attacked for having the gall to criticize the acts of exploitation.

But I suppose I have forgotten– this is a post-9/11 world whose first ordinance is to never forget the lessons of September the 11th– deal harshly with anyone who questions 9/11 and does not go along with its seeming mandate for endless war, especially one who questions a factually unstable video blatantly tugging at heartstrings in the name of continuing to exploit the tragedy so that the ‘War on Terror’ may go on. That, Keith Olbermann, must never be done. Shame, apparently, on that black spot of bias.

And who, exactly, has been fired from Fox News for their ‘fair and balanced’ persuasions?

Chris Matthews was not defended in this article.


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