CREW releases profiles of ‘most corrupt members of Congress’

Raw Story
September 10, 2008

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has released its fourth annual report, “CREW’s Most Corrupt Members of Congress, outlining Washington politicians who it says have “most egregiously betrayed the public’s trust.”

12 of the 24 members of Congress listed in the report are under investigation. The thirteenth, New York Congressman Charlie Rangel, has opened a House ethics investigation on himself.

“With soaring gas prices, a housing market in crisis, rising unemployment, and a nation at war, elected officials should be prioritizing their constituents’ needs over their own self-interests,” said CREW executive director Melanie Sloan. “Unfortunately, the members of Congress listed in CREW’s Most Corrupt report have decided that their personal needs are paramount to those they represent. This report holds them accountable for those choices.”

The entire list is as follows:

The report also adds four “dishonorable mentions”:


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