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Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches

Brutally Honest
October 23, 2008

THE EVIDENCE IS HERE: This document contains over 60 pages of evidence and analysis proving Barack Obama’s use of a little-known and highly deceptive and manipulative form of “hack” hypnosis on millions of unaware Americans, and reveals what only a few psychologists and hypnosis/NLP experts know.

The entire paper is located here.

I found this on another forum, contributed by one of the more certified liberal loons. On first blush my sentiments were “yeah right.” But because it was Sunday morning and a slow news day, I decided to indulge my curiosity and my funny bone and have a look see into this assertion of mass hypnosis by one Barack Obama.

Needless to say, what I found was not only intriguing, but captivating in both presentation and common sense reality. What this writer has to say and the way that he presents his argument, not only captivates the imagination? But also causes the reader to call forth the images of their own personal recollections, while the author utilizes his own observations and experience to make his points and his arguments for the assertions he is representing.

While reading this paper and the explanations of hypnotic techniques being employed by Barack Obama? It crossed my mind and occurred to me to think and reflect upon precisely what it is that makes a charismatic speaker charismatic in the first place? What makes their speaking ability appear so gifted and what is it about their presentation that entrances and enthralls the listener to hang on their every word and to follow along like the mindless myrmidons and lemmings of our historical reference.

And as I read the author’s presentation the thought kept bouncing back at me that these are the very same techniques and principles (as being described) employed and deployed by all successful “preachers” and “charismatic speakers” historically. And that someone at some point had simply sat down and applied analytical thinking and deduction to the process of successfully leading people through manipulative speaking.

And where better to learn these techniques for a young Barack Obama, than at the feet of the professed and by observing and emulating the performances of charismatic preachers and others in his own life.

This is where Barack Obama had his “Eureka moment” in my estimation. This is where Barack Obama learned to practice what is literally and correctly being described in this paper as a hypnotic technique, designed for no other purpose than to cultivate deceit and and a political following by the practitioner.

I challenge all who are interested in knowledge and the workings of their environment, especially as it concerns politics and mass media and the marketing of Obama’s supposed change, to indulge yourself for about forty five minutes and read this man’s observations of what he has seen clearly as the purposeful manipulation of the American psyche by Barack Obama and more importantly, by those in the background supporting him and steering him..

Then having chased down the real rabbit hole of what has been placed afoot and in play against all the citizens of this country as revealed by this author’s paper? Please pass along your newly acquired knowledge and ensure that as many people as possible are exposed to it over the next two weeks.

And in the interim, remember that Barack Obama has booked prime time air time on all major networks the week before the election. A thirty minute block of prime time TV on the 26th of October. (Costing hundreds of millions) Presumably for his seal the deal last pitch to the American voters. Absent the influences and distractions of either his opposition or the mainstream media at large, Obama intends to make his pitch to the people. In other words, Barack Obama intends to have a private “mono y mono” moment with as many Americans as he can snare into watching his last big performance before the election.

I for one intend to be there. Somehow or another, I haven’t been either mesmerized or hypnotized by his rhetoric and presentation techniques. not surprising really, as on the two occasions in my life when people have attempted to hypnotize me? It didn’t work. Therefore, I fully intend to watch his program on the 26th, just to see what is represented and with my newly acquired understanding of just how the messiah is accomplishing his cult like following? I intend to pass the word with a redoubled effort before it is too late for this country.

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The Vampire Greenspan

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Anti-Illuminati Art


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Anti-Obama author deported from Kenya

THE American author of a best-selling book attacking Barack Obama as unfit for the presidency was being deported from Kenya yesterday, a criminal investigations official said.

Jerome Corsi, who wrote The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, was picked up by police for not having a work permit, said Carlos Maluta.

Corsi had been scheduled to launch his book on Tuesday in Kenya, where the Democratic presidential candidate is hugely popular.

Mr Obama’s late father, whom he barely knew, was a Kenyan economist and the candidate is considered by many Kenyans as a native son. Minibuses are emblazoned with his picture and vendors sell T-shirts bearing his image.

Mr Obama was born in Hawaii, where he spent most of his childhood raised by his mother, a white American from Kansas.

Corsi’s book claims the Illinois senator is a dangerous, radical candidate for president. It claims falsely that he was raised a Muslim and attended a radical black church.

Mr Obama is a Christian who attended Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

According to a statement announcing Corsi’s visit, he arrived in Kenya last week at the invitation of Christian missionaries concerned about the rise of Islam.

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Obama money from abroad could total $3.3 million

Oct 7, 9:13 PM (ET)

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has raised about $3.3 million from contributors who did not list a home state or who designated their state with an abbreviation that did not match one of the 50 states or U.S. territories, according to records provided by the Federal Election Commission.

Most of those contributors did identify themselves as living abroad in foreign cities. Under federal law, foreign citizens cannot make political contributions, but U.S. citizens living abroad can.

The Republican National Committee filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Monday asking for an investigation of Obama’s foreign contributions, among other things.

The FEC on Monday provided The Associated Press with a spread sheet of potential overseas donors that did not include contributors who left their state designation blank. As a result, the list was incomplete.

The $3.3 million total does not include donors who have given less than $200 and whose contributions do not have to be itemized. Some of that money could also have come from overseas. About half of Obama’s $455 million in contributions so far are unitemized. The campaign does not identify those donors.

Obama senior adviser David Axelrod, speaking to reporters en route to Nashville, Tenn., on Tuesday, noted that anyone can donate to the campaign through the Internet. “We monitor these things as best we can,” he said.

Republican John McCain’s campaign lists all his donors, even those who give less than $200, on his Web site.

The Obama campaign has begun to request passport numbers from donors to verify their citizenship.

Asked why the Obama campaign doesn’t do the same and open its database to the public, Axelrod said the campaign returns improper contributions.

“Obviously we’ve got a huge database of contributors,” he said. “It’s valuable to our campaign… We’re probably more forthcoming about disclosure than anyone.”

Independent watchdog groups, however, have asked the campaign to provide more information about its fundraisers and to at least provide information about small donors by zip code or country from where they donate.

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Jewish Scholar – ‘Jewish People’ Were Invented

By Jonathan Cook
No one is more surprised than Shlomo Sand that his latest academic work has spent 19 weeks on Israel’s bestseller list ­ and that success has come to the history professor despite his book challenging Israel’s biggest taboo.
Dr. Sand argues that the idea of a Jewish nation ­ whose need for a safe haven was originally used to justify the founding of the state of Israel ­ is a myth invented little more than a century ago.
An expert on European history at Tel Aviv University, Dr. Sand drew on extensive historical and archaeological research to support not only this claim but several more ­ all equally controversial.
In addition, he argues that the Jews were never exiled from the Holy Land, that most of today’s Jews have no historical connection to the land called Israel and that the only political solution to the country’s conflict with the Palestinians is to abolish the Jewish state.
The success of When and How Was the Jewish People Invented? looks likely to be repeated around the world. A French edition, launched last month, is selling so fast that it has already had three print runs.
Translations are under way into a dozen languages, including Arabic and English. But he predicted a rough ride from the pro-Israel lobby when the book is launched by his English publisher, Verso, in the United States next year.
In contrast, he said Israelis had been, if not exactly supportive, at least curious about his argument. Tom Segev, one of the country’s leading journalists, has called the book “fascinating and challenging.”
Surprisingly, Dr. Sand said, most of his academic colleagues in Israel have shied away from tackling his arguments. One exception is Israel Bartal, a professor of Jewish history at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Writing in Haaretz, the Israeli daily newspaper, Dr. Bartal made little effort to rebut Dr. Sand’s claims. He dedicated much of his article instead to defending his profession, suggesting that Israeli historians were not as ignorant about the invented nature of Jewish history as Dr. Sand contends.
The idea for the book came to him many years ago, Dr. Sand said, but he waited until recently to start working on it. “I cannot claim to be particularly courageous in publishing the book now,” he said. “I waited until I was a full professor. There is a price to be paid in Israeli academia for expressing views of this sort.”
Dr. Sand’s main argument is that until little more than a century ago, Jews thought of themselves as Jews only because they shared a common religion. At the turn of the 20th century, he said, Zionist Jews challenged this idea and started creating a national history by inventing the idea that Jews existed as a people separate from their religion.
Equally, the modern Zionist idea of Jews being obligated to return from exile to the Promised Land was entirely alien to Judaism, he added.
“Zionism changed the idea of Jerusalem. Before, the holy places were seen as places to long for, not to be lived in. For 2,000 years Jews stayed away from Jerusalem not because they could not return but because their religion forbade them from returning until the messiah came.”
The biggest surprise during his research came when he started looking at the archaeological evidence from the biblical era.
“I was not raised as a Zionist, but like all other Israelis I took it for granted that the Jews were a people living in Judea and that they were exiled by the Romans in 70AD.
“But once I started looking at the evidence, I discovered that the kingdoms of David and Solomon were legends.
“Similarly with the exile. In fact, you can’t explain Jewishness without exile. But when I started to look for history books describing the events of this exile, I couldn’t find any. Not one.
“That was because the Romans did not exile people. In fact, Jews in Palestine were overwhelming peasants and all the evidence suggests they stayed on their lands.”
Instead, he believes an alternative theory is more plausible: the exile was a myth promoted by early Christians to recruit Jews to the new faith. “Christians wanted later generations of Jews to believe that their ancestors had been exiled as a punishment from God.”
So if there was no exile, how is it that so many Jews ended up scattered around the globe before the modern state of Israel began encouraging them to “return”?
Dr. Sand said that, in the centuries immediately preceding and following the Christian era, Judaism was a proselytizing religion, desperate for converts. “This is mentioned in the Roman literature of the time.”
Jews traveled to other regions seeking converts, particularly in Yemen and among the Berber tribes of North Africa. Centuries later, the people of the Khazar kingdom in what is today south Russia, would convert en masse to Judaism, becoming the genesis of the Ashkenazi Jews of central and eastern Europe.
Dr. Sand pointed to the strange state of denial in which most Israelis live, noting that papers offered extensive coverage recently to the discovery of the capital of the Khazar kingdom next to the Caspian Sea.
Ynet, the website of Israel’s most popular newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, headlined the story: “Russian archaeologists find long-lost Jewish capital.” And yet none of the papers, he added, had considered the significance of this find to standard accounts of Jewish history.
One further question is prompted by Dr. Sand’s account, as he himself notes: if most Jews never left the Holy Land, what became of them?
“It is not taught in Israeli schools but most of the early Zionist leaders, including David Ben Gurion [Israel’s first prime minister], believed that the Palestinians were the descendants of the area’s original Jews. They believed the Jews had later converted to Islam.”
Dr. Sand attributed his colleagues’ reticence to engage with him to an implicit acknowledgement by many that the whole edifice of “Jewish history” taught at Israeli universities is built like a house of cards.
The problem with the teaching of history in Israel, Dr. Sand said, dates to a decision in the 1930s to separate history into two disciplines: general history and Jewish history. Jewish history was assumed to need its own field of study because Jewish experience was considered unique.
“There’s no Jewish department of politics or sociology at the universities. Only history is taught in this way, and it has allowed specialists in Jewish history to live in a very insular and conservative world where they are not touched by modern developments in historical research.
“I’ve been criticized in Israel for writing about Jewish history when European history is my specialty. But a book like this needed a historian who is familiar with the standard concepts of historical inquiry used by academia in the rest of the world.”
This article originally appeared in <>The National, published in Abu Dhabi.

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America Under Siege

Jim Kirwan
The American public, composed of both citizens and consumers, is under attack on all fronts. This is being done by government directly, indirectly, and across the board in every aspect of our lives. What continues to go unnoticed is that the people of this country have the constitutional and right to be represented within this “government” that has become the blood-enemy of everyone that lives here. What the cabal has failed to credit is that
“Taxation without Representation is Tyranny”!
The methods being used by the owners, against the people, include secrecy, intimidation, blatant lies and their misrepresentations about everything that comes from the government concerning everything they say they are doing to correct any of the myriad failures that have brought this formerly successful nation to its metaphorical knees!
This siege is being led by the same people that were supposed to have protected the public, from everything that has happened since Cheney-Bush took over on 12-12-2000: when they were officially appointed by the US Supreme Court that stopped the vote-count in Florida which gave the election to the losers.
This includes Pelosi who has served not as the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, but as the handmaiden of the Cabal. In every instance where leadership was required, Pelosi got down on her knees before the Cabal and perverted, delayed or prevented the will of the public from being voted on-in direct contravention of the will of the public which her office is charged with insuring! As the third person in-line for the office of the presidency, Pelosi must be charged along with Bush & Cheney in their covert and now overt wars upon us all. Nancy Pelosi would do well to research what happened to Marie Antoinette, during the French Revolution. It took the French population a very long time to finally get angry, but when they finally did-heads did roll and that will happen here!
Currently, the elections process itself is also under attack by both the Republicans and the Democrats: just in case everything else fails to force the nation into Martial Law. Most of this was directed from the White House by Karl Rove who should be in Federal Prison, but who was never tried for his crimes, so we are all still having to deal with his Faustian schemes.
For six straight days stocks around the world continue to fall, yet the spin-masters of media continue to describe this global meltdown as “A credit crunch.”
The next government official that uses this criminally-insufficient term ought to have his or her tongue cut out on the spot! Because these conditions are now equal to what was last seen in 1937! This behavior, coupled with wholesale evictions and voter-registration purges, clearly adds the entire elections process to the lengthy list of crimes against the public; in this massive drive to deny the right of representation, along with the right to vote; to those that pay taxes for representation in the government decisions that are dragging us all down the road to open tyranny and into a bogus state of Martial Law!
This entire voting scandal is being exposed by Greg Palast and Robert Kennedy Jr., in a forthcoming article in Rolling Stone magazine and in a comic book called “Steal Back Your Vote.” (1)
Meanwhile in the elections process itself, both candidates have failed to tell the public that “the United States is no longer a Republic we are a corporation that is still in bankruptcy, which is why we cannot now just declare bankruptcy! “The UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CORPORATION went BANKRUPT in 1933. They must renew the bankruptcy every 70 years. It was renewed in 2003. So it’s already been bankrupt for over 70 years which is why everything is such a mess. The U.S. Government became the US GOVERNMENT CORPORATION via the Act of 1871. The result is that even our elections have been a complete sham and scam.” (2)
In the bizarre “debates” where the token audience sits like so many manikins, prohibited from displaying any reaction whatever to what is said by anyone-not unlike what would happen inside a prison-virtually no reality is allowed to invade the comments of the “anointed potential leaders.” They both speak of money to be spent on programs and new policies as if the current meltdown was not a fact. Ladies and gentlemen not only are we broke, we are so deep in debt that this corporation (formerly our Republic) shall never be able to escape: yet none of this is ever even mentioned.
Today we have also learned that “the Treasury Department May Take Ownership Stake in Banks. Having tried without success to unlock frozen credit markets, the Treasury Department is considering taking ownership stakes in many United States banks to try to restore confidence in the financial system, according to government officials.
Treasury officials say the just-passed $700 billion bailout bill gives them the authority to inject cash directly into banks that request it. Such a move would quickly strengthen banks’ balance sheets and, officials hope, persuade them to resume lending. In return, the law gives the Treasury the right to take ownership positions in banks, including healthy ones.”
So if you like the way the banks have routinely screwed you on your credit cards, and their ‘management of your money’ you’re going to really enjoy having the thoroughly corrupted “government’s” management of your bank’s ineptitude, because they will no doubt take everything to an entirely new level of outright incompetence coupled with theft and deceit run amuck! (3)
And if all of the above is still not enough to drive the nation into Martial Law; then the Dictator still can use the $100 million he just received in discressionary funds to send in his own troops
To enforce Martial Law!
This has been made possible because of secret-contracts whereby Blackwater and others have been retraining police forces throughout the nation, to militarize what used to be peace officers. This will now be augmented by US combat troops that began their duties nine days ago by order of the president. (4)
This is a full-court press by those that the public has refused to arrest and charge for their previous crimes against the people of the United States; and because we failed to act before-this situation has now created all of the impossible problems that now must be faced and ended by the 70% of the public that totally disagrees with everything that is now being done to us in the name of another false-flag “emergency”!
1) Gregg Palast on Vote Rigging and Suppression Ahead of the 2008 Elections
2) USA ­ the link to “Point 1” was erased, but the facts have not changed
3) Treasury Department May Take Ownership Stake in Banks
4) FEMA sources confirm coming Martial Law
Thousands of Troops are deployed on U S streets

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