MINDWARS Part 3 – That Hideous Strength

By Gillian Norman
Avante Films, Australia
“No power that is merely earthly will serve…
The Hideous Strength holds all this Earth in its fist, to squeeze it as it wills.”
Insidious tentacles of a globalist octopus depict the take-over of English society by a diabolical force, in a futuristic Trilogy by C. S. Lewis. His third book, That Hideous Strength, pictures the moral dilemma of a young propagandist whose only aspiration is to belong to a Cabal of Insiders who are trying to invoke the occult powers of the Tower of Babel. Soon after Noah’s Flood, Babel was the first failed attempt, under the mighty fist of King Nimrod, to build an autocratic Luciferian Imperium on the Plains of Shinar, now Iraq.
The title, That Hideous Strength, echoes a description by sixteenth-century Scottish poet Sir David Lindsay, of the ominous six-mile long shadow cast by the Tower of Babel:
“The shadow of that hyddeous strength sax myle and more it is of length”.
C. S. Lewis writes:
“The time was ripe. From the point of view which is accepted in Hell, the whole history of our Earth had led up to this moment. There was now at last a real chance for fallen Man to shake off that limitation of his powers which mercy had imposed upon him as a protection from the full results of his fall. If this succeeded, Hell would be at last incarnate. Bad men, while still in the body, still crawling on this little globe, would enter that state which, heretofore, they had entered only after death, would have the diuturnity and power of evil spirits. Nature, all over the globe would become their slave; and of that dominion no end, before the end of time itself, could be certainly foreseen.”
Enticed by power, the young propagandist in That Hideous Strength is used to distort truth and promote the Luciferian Empire to mind-controlled and manipulated masses.
Like their fictional counterpart, how many in today’s mass media have fallen prey to the strong delusion that perpetuates the goals of that Hideous Strength?
C. S. Lewis described his political fiction as ‘a tall tale about devilry’. It illustrates how the mass media move England towards fascism under the direction of a Luciferian Cult whose self-appointed mission is to make the world ‘a better place’.
Compromised theologians give the totalitarian regime their blessing of divine approval as a pseudo-scientific inner ring of adepts worship their leader; a decapitated, disembodied ‘Talking Head’ that is demonically sustained by NICE, the National Institute of Coordinated Experiments.
George Orwell wrote a review of “That Hideous Strength” in the Manchester Evening News. He said that the purpose of the pseudo-scientists was to wipe out life deemed to be “superfluous”; to turn “common people into slaves”; and to make the “ruling caste of scientists” become our masters “who even see their way to conferring immortal life upon themselves. Man, in short, is to storm the heavens and overthrow the gods, or even to become a god himself”.
Like sheep to the slaughter, the huddling flock bleat in confusion as watchful wolves stealthily move in for the culling.
The real threat to the world is not the War on Terror, but MindWars with its false claim that our best prospect for safety and salvation is to collectively cling to the skirts of the ZioCon chimera, the imperious Whore of War, PaxAmericana.
Cult mind control expert, Dr Robert Jay Lifton, in American Apocalypse says:
“We are experiencing what could be called an apocalyptic face-off between Islamist forces, overtly visionary in their willingness to kill and die for their religion, and American forces claiming to be restrained and reasonable but no less visionary in their projection of a cleansing war-making and military power. Both sides are energized by versions of intense idealism; both see themselves as embarked on a mission of combating evil in order to redeem and renew the world; and both are ready to release untold levels of violence to achieve that purpose.”
Rising like a phoenix from the dust and ashes of the world’s worst terrorist attack, the US has emerged as a beacon of freedom, policing the planet, promising peace and prosperity to a world in peril. The architects of Pax Americana believe they have a mission to serve as the world’s government, whether the world likes it or not. And much of the world does not, for the velvet glove masks an iron fist.
From Babel to Bilderberg the architects of empire have always aspired to the same goals: power, prestige and profit, and this dominion is established by heinous deception, threats, blackmail and exploitation, with total suppression of dissent. And so today, as the tentacles of unprecedented control entwine us all, barely a whimper is raised, nor are the PuppetMasters recognized or challenged, except in nervous whispers.
Former German defence ministry official and advisor to NATO, Dr. Johannes Koeppl, warns:
“This is more than a war against terrorism. This is a war against the citizens of all countries. The current elites are creating so much fear that people don’t know how to respond. But they must remember. This is a move to implement a world dictatorship within the next five years.”
Former State Department employee, William Blum:
“If you flip over the rock of American foreign policy of the past century, this is what crawls out: invasions … bombings … overthrowing governments … suppressing movements for social change … assassinating political leaders … perverting elections … manufacturing “news” … death squads … torture … biological warfare … depleted uranium … drug trafficking … mercenaries …”
“If I were the president, I could stop terrorist attacks against the United States in a few days. Permanently. I would first apologize to all the widows and orphans, the tortured and impoverished, and all the many millions of other victims of American imperialism… I would then reduce the military budget by at least 90% and use the savings to pay reparations to the victims. There would be more than enough money. One year’s military budget of 330 billion dollars is equal to more than $18,000 an hour for every hour since Jesus Christ was born.
That’s what I’d do on my first three days in the White House. On the fourth day, I’d be assassinated.”
From the bunkers of Baghdad to Guantanamo’s Gulag, the fake war on terror has become an unpopular war of error, as an escalating clash of civilizations is played out on the global chessboard. With Afghanistan and Iraq still gasping in anguished chaos, Iran, Pakistan and Syria are now targeted for regime change and the ZioCons have provoked the Russian Bear. Some warn that World War Three is about to begin. I’m convinced it began with 9/11.
Under the guise of the illegal ‘War on Terror’, that was bulldozed through by instilling terror in America’s scarred national psyche, an unprecedented form of Neo-imperialism has ascend the global stage. From the Babylonian Empire to Great Britain at the height of its colonial dominance, no empire ever had as much global influence as the United States today. It is an empire of military prowess that encircles the globe and feeds the interests of powerful transnational cartels with revolving doors between corporate, military and government offices.
The gleaming façade of a pyramidal building housing the Ministry of Truth is the respectable public front of a repressive regime. In the imagery of George Orwell’s prescient novel, 1984, fearsome thought police dominate the masses with constant propaganda intended to fuel hatred and nurture conformity.
MindWars always uses deception. In the vanguard of the PuppetMaster’s bid for global domination, the mass media is deliberately used as a mouthpiece to disseminate propaganda. Like Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, the media today is self-censoring and self-serving, with a powerful allegiance to their corporate owners whose interests serve the PuppetMasters of power, prestige and profit, at the cost, of course, of truth, justice and compassion.
As the last, tattered shreds of America’s illusion of altruism and idealism are subverted by the power-hungry Elite in a shadowy world of naked brutality, state power takes its direction from a corporate system of hidden political manipulation and cultural hegemony.
Like the permanent war economy of Orwell’s “1984”, where language is confined and citizens are kept under constant surveillance, war in the guise of peace has become a self-perpetuating policy of Pax Americana with the state continually at war against an amorphous and ever-changing enemy.
Factory farmed masses in 1984 are pacified by media mind control, and constantly reminded, just as today’s media constantly remind us, that despite the niggling reminder of a fading reality, we must affirm that “War is Peace! Freedom is Slavery! Ignorance is Strength!”
“The Medium is the Message”, as Marshall McLuhan said.
In MindWars the Media is the Medium. The media affects society not just by its content but even more so by the characteristics of the medium itself, most especially the hypnogogic power of TV to invoke passive assent.
As victims of MindWars, we are all forced to either submit to constant insidious mind control or fight as warriors for Truth in an ongoing battle for the mind, the heart and soul of nations.
Just as Orwell depicts in 1984, the Puppeteers de jour, always presented with a thin crust of trust and credibility, endow disembodied talking heads on ubiquitous telescreens with authority to keep the serfs in line, by acting as compromised instruments of mass deception and propaganda.
MassMedia MindWars really took off after WWII, with grooming by the Tavistock Institute of the British Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC, affectionately known in postwar England as “Auntie”, a family-loving façade covering the disinformation stranglehold of a covert instrument of war propaganda.
In his chilling portrait of totalitarian dystopia, insider George Orwell reveals the media’s ability to deceive, manipulate and control. He parodies the Puppeteers as they control the bleating masses through the disembodied voice and face of an everwatchful Big Brother who knows your every thought and requires perpetual adulation.
In Ecuador, a missionary would try to assure me,
“America is Great because America is Good!”
He is misguided by the same dominionist-rapture heresy that also misleads Republican Vice Presidential candidate, the beautiful ZioCon Neochristian Sarah Palin.
America may once have rubbed cheeks with great ideals, but this aspiring Imperium is impressively weak now, precisely because of delusional ambition. Watching the decades of America’s brutal hegemony in the Philippines, Prof Walden Bello comments that because the Empire always chooses profits over the needs of people, ultimately it is doomed.
Backstage, behind the Puppet Theatre, we find an elegant Cabal, busily exploiting ShadowPlays and MindWars for political gain. This unprecedented pro-Zionist alliance whose ideology resembles Trotsky’s view of permanent revolution, slipped from the sidelines to direct the Bush regime’s foreign policy.
With many highly placed movers of dual US/Israeli citizenship, the ZioCon deception promotes a glorious vision of American supremacy based on a messianic ideology that exalts American race and culture as superior to the races and cultures of all other nations.
The Ruling Elite believe they are more highly evolved than other people. According to Social Darwinism, the superior Elite are engaged in a struggle, ‘Red in Tooth and Claw’, for survival of the fittest. Social Darwinism therefore provides the PuppetMasters a useful validation for wiping out ‘less evolved’ human sub-species, as Charles Darwin did with the Australian Aborigines in Tazmania.
Tazmanian Aborigines were hunted down, shot, and their bones boiled for shipping back to Europe and the US, where skulls and skeletons were traded for a high premium to Museums as Darwin’s celebrated discovery of the ‘missing link’. This justified British colonial abuse and exploitation of Australian Aborigines, as an ‘inferior species’ to be eradicated and bred out of existence, leaving curious museum exhibits of a missing link, not yet fully evolved, squatting on the evolutionary tree somewhere between apes and true humans.
Social Darwinism, constantly evoked to justify abuse and eradication of supposed ‘inferior races’, was long used as a pretext by brutal white overlords for the exploitation and slavery of black ‘sub-species’ in India, South Africa, the U.S. and Australia, and now still underlies the ZioCon contempt of ‘Goyim’ and their plans to cull large numbers of unwanted ‘subspecies’.
Inspired by the belief that American dominion of the world is best for everyone, the idea of extending peace, freedom and democracy through pre-emptive war is promoted as the last best hope for a world on the brink of chaos. Fundamentalists have swallowed the deception that aggressive, costly, preemptive military action against Israel’s Islamist enemies would protect God’s chosen nation, the ancient Hebrew people.
Even worse, ZioCons promote the dominionist’s false claim that an apocalyptic fulfillment of Jesus Christ’s promised return could be speeded if the foolish flock would just yield unquestioning subservience to the cause of establishing a One World Luciferian Regime of totalitarian brutality.
In her article, “The Manipulations of Dominionism”, Sarah Leslie describes the cultic Dominion theology as a form of futurism, fostering the belief that we can forge a better future by becoming gods and manipulating the present.
“Dominionism has a goal to establish a visible and physical “Kingdom of God” on earth. It sounds utopian. But in reality it is totalitarian. Already, as this plan is underway, unethical and unbiblical tools are being utilized to push this agenda forward.”
That teetering puppet, the shameful deified mascot of this ZioCon charade, President George W. Bush, maintains an acquired pretence of “krispykreem kristianity”.
Perceptive analyst, Chris Floyd has said that George Bush believes “God squats in his brainpan and speaks to his mind” But what kind of ungodly godlettes are really murmuring in his ear?
Slumbering Christian shepherds need to shake off the trance, switch on the light of Truth, and urgently open eyes, ears and minds to uncompromising discernment of the Times and the Signs.
With both sides of the staged selection of the next US President controlled, as someone said, like two cheeks on the same bad ass, Christian churches, especially mainstream, conservative evangelical and fundamentalist Protestants, are once again being herded into support for a Republican faction that is driven by Masters of Deception with a Machievellian/Straussian/Luciferian ideology. Having first been slowly and persistently pickled in the deceptions of dominionist theology, American Christian churches have stood firm with unquestioning support of this lying ZioCon agenda.
I am a Christian, but George Bush certainly does not represent the God I know. My God is a God of grace and wisdom, of love, compassion, truth, justice, mercy and forgiveness. But, as more than one head of State has already commented publicly, the words and actions of the current Presidential Puppet all too often appear to come straight from the mouth of the deceiver, Lucifer, who is the father of lies; the same foul devil that flaunts a false guise of “peace”, as he comes to kill, steal and destroy, and to whom GW long ago sold his soul with pledges of allegiance in Satanic rituals.
This deception by the Presidential Puppet, who acts as a willing voice for the Dogs of War, not only serves to lure the undiscerning into service of a Luciferian agenda, but also effectively casts contempt upon all true believers and churches whose failure to vocally oppose the warmongering, lying and corruption of the bankrupt, disastrous Bush regime, has for the last eight years defamed and disgraced the Holy name of Jesus Christ.
Lanzinger: Hitler the Standard Bearer
Another false Pseudochristian, Adolf Hitler, in 1919 joined a German covert Luciferian Cult called the Thule Society. The primary goal of this ‘Brotherhood of Death’ is global dominion, control over all strategic raw materials and all communications. As an initiate in the Brotherhood of Death, Hitler became an adept of occult powers under the control of Dietrich Eckhart.
Eckhart revealed on his deathbed that Hitler was mind controlled by the Thule Society to be the Marionette Fuehrer of their Novus Ordo Seclorum ­ the godless New World Order that is still attempting to rise through the Fourth Reich, the supposed golden age of American ascendency.
Eckhart wrote, “Follow Hitler; he will dance, but it is I who have called the tune. I have initiated him into the Secret Doctrine, opened his Centers in Vision, and given him the means to communicate with the Powers.” (Trevor Ravenscroft, The Spear Of Destiny)
George Bush, like his family’s old friend Hitler, is an unrecanted member of a satanic secret society, Yale’s Order of Skull & Bones, whose dark rituals go far beyond the normal activities of an old boy’s frat club, as the false front is presented to outsiders. The goal of Skull & Bones, like it’s German branch, the Brotherhood of Death, is absolute control of all earth, sea and sky, with the eternal enslavement of humanity for perks.
President Bush is waging unending pre-emptive wars in the name of Christianity, while all the time he remains an active member of a Luciferian Cult with aspirations of global domination. Allegiance to the Skull & Bones covert fraternity commits all initiates — including America’s current President and his father, former President George HW Bush — to loyalty to Bones, even above the best interest of their nation. The philosophy of Skull and Bones, symbolically represented by the crossbones of their emblem, emphasizes the “double-cross”, the blood oath taken by initiates that the sheeple must be deceived and manipulated in their elitist pursuit of world domination. This means kneeling at the altar of the Bonesmen’s secretive PuppetMasters, as they manoeuvre to profiteer from the sheering and culling of the herd.
While at home the New American Century parades its pretentious vanity in the name of the Son of God, the outside world has few such illusions; the Hideous Strength of Pax Americana, in the eyes of much of the globe, represents evil forces posing as Angels of Light, that attempt to usurp the Throne of God by twisting truth into a lie, and exploiting the poor and the weak for gain. And by endorsing the great deception of this Hideous Strength, ZioCon Neochristians are doing the true Christ and His genuine followers the greatest injustice of all.
By ignoring and covering up the MindWars, undiscerning churches are acting like the reluctant prophet Jonah who ignored God’s call to sound a warning and fled in happy pursuit of wine, women and song, until he ended up being spat out half-digested by a whale.
America’s imperial ambition was fully revealed in the U.S. Space Command document, ‘Joint Vision for 2020’. Disregarding international restraints and global agreements on arms control and international justice, this policy document calls for Pax Americana to achieve ‘full spectrum dominance’ by extending its benevolent hegemony from the depths of the oceans to the outer reaches of space. Today this ‘new American way of warfare’ is not only more deadly, but is also more remote, with the power to eradicate nations in the Strangelove hands of armchair generals who never feel the heat of battle.
The ZioCons recognise that ‘no one loves Goliath’, yet they’re confident that America must fulfil its Crusade as the world’s new government, acting with benign and Divine right to enforce world order, defend international trade and assure the supply of oil to allow industrial economies to run. The transformation of the war machine into a monolithic military­intelligence-entertainment complex has empowered a warrior juggernaut that’s unprecedented in the history of the world.
Harley Sorensen writes in the San Francisco Chronicle:
“We invaded Iraq not to save ourselves from weapons of mass destruction, not to rid the world of a brutal dictator and not to avenge the murders of Sept. 11. We invaded Iraq because Bush and his pals think America should rule the world.”
Today, 1984, Orwell’s fictional dystopia is disturbingly descriptive of certain aspects of Pax Americana. In 2005 the Pentagon openly announced a plan to create an ‘Office of Strategic Influence’ with the purpose of providing false news and information that would help manipulate public opinion and further the Pentagram’s hegemonic military objectives. The MindWars propaganda is so effective that it even fools some of the Puppeteers themselves, who, having eaten the Ice Queen’s candy, briefly profiteer as overlords of stupefied masses. Cognitive dissonance prevents pacified populations from recognizing that their intended lot is to become serfs and battlefodder for a Luciferian World Empire.
War of aggression with wanton destruction that is unjustified by military necessity is punishable under international law, and several prominent international lawyers have charged top American officials with war crimes and crimes against humanity. Francis Boyle, Professor of Law at the University of Illinois, has drafted articles of impeachment against President Bush and Vice President Cheney for conducting pre-emptive war, treason, bribery and by having the poor fight a war for oil to preserve the lifestyles of the wealthy.
The destruction of Iraq — at a cost of over $12 billion a month — still continues with total disregard for international law and constitutes a war crime comparable with those of the Nazi regime. These aggressive wars are an ongoing criminal conspiracy in violation of the Nuremberg Charter.
A broad groundswell of popular resistance can already be seen rising against the PuppetMasters who pull the strings and push the buttons as they profiteer behind the scenes. At the same time, increasing restriction of civil liberties and tightened media control make the telling of the story and the expression of dissent more difficult, sometimes impossible.
In the fictional world of 1984, unwanted citizens become “unpeople” and simply disappear. Today, in Iraq and Afghanistan entire populations have become expendable. In 1996 former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said the estimated death of half a million Iraqi children as a result of U.S. sanctions ‘was worth it.’
Here in Australia, I read an online article by a patriotic American denouncing critics of Pax Americana from the land of ‘Wogga-Wogga’. How dare we question America’s imperial command! From the perspective of many Americans, US global intervention is valid, despite its squalid side, because it defends our comfortable way of life and promotes the supposed “greater good” of free-market democracy.
Most Americans never travel outside their own country and receive their information from controlled media sources. They seem surprised that the nation they highly regard is so widely disliked by those who cradle the cadavers of babies riddled with shrapnel marked ‘Made in USA’.
With only 6.3% of the world’s population, the U.S. now consumes over 50% of the world’s wealth, as weapons dealing, profiteering, drilling and killing runs rampant in the name of peace and freedom. Many of the military garrisons in foreign countries clearly exist to protect oil wells and pipelines, although the U.S. always claims to be doing something much more altruistic, such as “fighting terrorism” or bringing “humanitarian assistance”.
The media campaign of disinformation and propaganda serves the Cult of Deception to blind the sheeple and lead them into docile acceptance of constraints on freedom, at the same time turning them into ridiculous cheerleaders of devastating, genocidal hegemonic wars.
It’s time to wake up from the mindnumbing stupor of the MindWars trance and smell the sweet fragrance of reality.
After WWII, the triumphant American state fashioned the present global economy so that it would have unlimited access to minerals, oil, markets and cheap labor. The World Bank and the IMF were established to maintain that access through the globalization of poverty and the use of debt as a weapon of control. Despite their claim to reduce poverty, economic restructuring policies require poor countries to lower the standard of living of their already impoverished people.
As former high finance hitman John Perkins has revealed, when the economic hit men fail to force a targeted resource-rich sovereign nation to lick the heels of the corporate jackboot, then they bring in the jeckals to remove recalcitrant and progressive leaders who might attempt to use their national wealth and resources to benefit their own people rather than the PuppetMasters of a globalist elite.
To achieve this unchallenged domination, wherever it plants its flag, Pax Americana runs a garrison state of military bases and naval battle groups that ring the world with unprecedented firepower ­ and willingness to use it. While people starve, US weapons sales abroad have grown to over $10 billion a year. With an annual military expenditure equal to that of the whole of the rest of the world combined – the U.S. maintains a vast network of more than 2,700 military bases in 100 countries and thirteen naval task forces.
The U.S. military deploys over half a million American soldiers, spies, technicians and contractors in other nations. Two million foreign troops and hundreds of thousands of foreign police and paramilitary have been trained and financed by the American taxpayer. The purpose of these brutalized and well-armed thugs is not to defend their countries from outside invasion but to protect foreign investors and ruling elites of targeted nations from their own potentially rebellious populations.
America may be glorified at home as a firebrand of democracy, but the liberating military footprint is deeply hated by the people of those nations that it sets aflame.
America has now become “Dictatress of the World”, where the permitted rulers are instructed instruments of a network of corporate interests. American foreign policy is dominated by think-tanks that are ostensibly independent, yet covertly financed and controlled by powerful cartels, mostly military contractors that benefit from government sanctioned war-profiteering. This enables corporate sponsors from the defense, construction and petroleum industries to reap enormous benefits.
From an Australian perspective, and as one who has seen at first hand the brutality of American wars of ‘liberation’ and the anguish they cause, I am aware that in this land of Wogga-Wogga there is a voice that wants to be heard, since we also are serfs to the dominion of Pax Americana.
Neoconservative policy advisor Michael Ledeen describes the global domination of Pax Americana as ‘benevolent hegemony’.
Before World War I, ‘benevolent hegemony’ brought the USA into conflict with Britain, native Indians, Mexico, Spain and the Philippines. After WWI there were interventions in Panama, Puerto Rico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Cuba.
Since World War II, the United States has been continually at war, and initiated more than 60 major interventions in sovereign nations with both direct military invasion and covert CIA-led subversion. These include Guatemala, Iran, Korea, El Salvador, Grenada, Nicaragua, Haiti, Panama, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Chile and Venezuela.
Always fought in the name of promoting “freedom and democracy”, some of these conflicts involved genocide and severe human rights violations. Abundant historical evidence also shows that for at least a century the U.S. has secretly trained, armed and financed terrorist groups, dictators and despots. I witnessed all this abuse at first hand as a news reporter and documentary filmmaker in America’s “backyard”, Central and South America, during the time of American intervention there in the 1980s-90s.
One of my most vivid memories is the whispered prayer in malformed Spanish of a Mayan woman in the highlands of Guatemala: “Ojalá estamos vivas la otra aña” she cried: “I hope we’ll still be alive next year…” She was afraid of raids by the Guatemalan military who were burning homes, slaughtering and abducting the people, destroying the Mayan communities. They would force the people into the village church then burn the building down. Anyone who escaped was shot, their heads impaled on stakes as a warning to others not to step out of line. Survivors were subjected to “Re-education” to instill loyalty to the CIA backed military dictatorship of supposed “born again” ZioCon Pseudochristian, President Efrain Rios Montt.
What the weeping Mayan woman in the burned out village did not understand was what I had seen as a reporter for BBC radio and the London Sunday Times, that behind the scenes of the brutal Guatemalan counterinsurgency campaign, in the service of corporate profiteering, the United States government was financing and training military and paramilitary death squads, and they had been undermining moderate reform in that cruel land of widow and orphans since a CIA-led coup in 1954.
The divide between the public façade of paternalistic care for the U.S. ‘backyard’ of Central and South America and the hidden agenda of military, economic and cultural hegemony, is a story that was then highly suppressed, and is now almost forgotten. But it’s a story that’s by no means unique to Central America a couple of decades ago.
In urban slums and ramshackle barrios across the world I have seen the paradox of the poor who want to live like rich Americans, yet are trapped by the power of the corporate interests that exploit their labour, rape their land and crush their hope of a better life. As Penny Lerneux observed, the cry of the poor is like the sound of a wooden bell. Theirs is a voice that the wealthy of the world prefer not to hear.
Though the American Empire may seem unassailable, with a national debt of more than US$9 trillion, the Empire cannot function without borrowing nearly $2 billion every day. The US has now become an embattled nation with a sinking economy, consumed by conflict and floundering in unpopular military conflicts.
America is being overtaken by a crisis of military overextension, looming financial collapse and failed client regimes. The hostile coercion of foreign nations has also destroyed its pretence of justice, arousing embittered populations to vengeful reaction.
Abandoning traditional respect for civil liberties, while also undermining access to truthful information, the U.S. no longer respects dissent and openly espouses the use of torture, even using proxy regimes to perpetrate “cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment” of prisoners. Public surveillance is already widespread, and hate crime legislation makes any criticism of Pax Americana an offense of sedition.
Chalmers Johnson predicts Four Sorrows that he believes are certain to be visited on the United States as a consequence of following the ZioCon blueprint for global dominion:
– Perpetual war, leading to more terrorism against Americans wherever they may be and spreading reliance on nuclear weapons among smaller nations as they try to ward off the imperial juggernaut.
– Loss of democracy and Constitutional rights as the Presidency is transformed into a military junta.
– Replacement of truth by propaganda and disinformation with glorification of war and power.
– Bankruptcy, as the United States pours its economic resources into ever more grandiose military projects and shortchanges the education, health, and safety of its citizens.
The imperious Pax Americana is now in the demise of bankruptcy. As the world helplessly watches the tragedy of an empire overextended in lost wars abroad, Americans must urgently stop being tranced and blindsided by media MindWars and avoid being crippled by corrupt banksters who have indebted and robbed them through fiat money swindles and massive ponzi derivative scams that are now collapsing.
Currency speculation and the controlled demolition of the US dollar is intended to wipe out debt and pave the way to a global government with a single currency and a hefty tax on world citizens.
A complex web of deceit bullies the world into passively accepting an aggressive military doctrine. Despite the mind-numbing rhetoric of peace and prosperity, the globalist Elite do have a dominionist agenda, which we should well consider before supporting more Rambo raids in the ZioCon Crusade. Before we spend more tax dollars and send more youths to die in criminal wars, America’s allies should ask the American government who they really serve: the interests of the American people, or the futile quest for global dominance driven by a power-hungry militaristic, Luciferian ZioCon Elite?
When will someone dare to ask the question and call it Treason?
Before blundering into deeper disaster, let us stop these wars of imperial aggression that are predicated upon 9/11, a false flag psychological operation of deception, turn and lead the way to a more compassionate world where truth and justice will flourish.
Now is the time to break the MindWars trance, emerge from the shadows of deception and take a stand against the schemes of the wicked while it is still possible!
Julee Holcombe creates digital photographic compositions that juxtapose icons of traditional symbolism with current motifs and subjects. Babel Revisited, showing modern skyscrapers rising out from the ravages of industrial wasteland, is a clever contemporary riff on Brueghel’s Tower of Babel.
MINDWARS Part 1: We Have Met the Enemy and He Is US!
MINDWARS Part 2: Breaking the Trance
MINDWARS Part 3: That Hideous Strength
Part 1 is based on a talk by Gillian Norman
at the Delusion 9/11 Forum, Sydney, Australia, September 11, 2008
Part 3 is based on a talk by Gillian Norman
at the TruthNow Conference, Sydney, Australia, March, 2008
Gillian Norman is director of Avante Films and director/producer of the Australian 9/11 feature documentary, ShadowPlay.
ShadowPlay reveals 9/11 as a false flag, psyops deception to advance the dominion of Pax Americana.
A preview of ShadowPlay: 9/11 PuppetMasters can be seen on YouTube.

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