Beck: States should secede from America to protest bailouts.

Think Progress
Wednesday, Nov 26, 2008

Today on his radio show, conservative talker and future Fox News personality Glenn Beck suggested that states should “secede” from the union to protest the recent string of Wall Street bailouts:

BECK: So the question is, do states have the right to secede anymore? Because it was a compact. It’s not perpetual. In fact, in the Declaration of Independence it says it is our right, it is our responsibility to get away from a government who doesn’t listen to us any more.
Do you even have a right to do that as a state any more? Do you have the right to say, “You know what, you guys are going down a path that I don’t even agree with”? Is that even possible?

Listen here:


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One response to “Beck: States should secede from America to protest bailouts.

  1. Bill Wilson

    Define “the right”. I do not enjoy a single right that was given to me. Every single right I enjoy was taken by my forefathers. Every future right I want will be taken as well. The only requirements are that I am willing to pay the price and the majority of my countrymen are as well. The Federal Government has absolutely nothing to do with it. Does my landscape company decide whether I want gravel or grass?
    Leaders will emerge when the enemy is clearly identified.

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