‘Change’ BS – Roster Of Barky’s Appointments


Secretary of Health and Human Services: Tom Daschle, 60, former Senate Democratic leader
Senior adviser: David Axelrod, 53, Obama’s campaign strategist
Senior adviser: Valerie Jarrett, 52, Chicago business-woman
White House counsel: Greg Craig, 63, former counsel to Bill Clinton
Chief of staff: Rahm Emanuel, 49, Political director under Bill Clinton
Political director: Patrick Gaspard, 41, a New York labour official
White House press secretary: Robert Gibbs, 37, political consultant
Vice President’s chief of staff: Ron Klain, 31, former chief of staff of vice president Al Gore
Confirmed by sources pending vetting and formal announcement:
Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton, 61
Treasury Secretary: Timothy Geithner, 47
National Security Adviser: James Jones, 64
Attorney General: Eric Holder, 57
Head of Homeland Security: Janet Napolitano, 50
Commerce Department Secretary: Bill Richardson, 61

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