Makow – Overrated: Romantic Love, Young Women, Sex, Lobster

By Henry Makow PhD


“So long as the love, even the smallest, of man toward woman is not destroyed, so long is his mind in bondage as the calf that drinks milk is to his mother.” –Buddha
I turned 59 last week. When I think back over the great loves of my life–the young women that held me spellbound– I realize now they were all delusions. The ladies were not who I thought they were. I idealized them. (I was also blameworthy.)
Idealization is an important part of the mating process but do we really want to be fooled and suffer the consequences?
We are programmed by popular culture –movies and music — to seek certain experiences whether or not they are realistic. Our pagan (i.e. Cabalistic, Masonic) “culture” regards sex as a holy sacrament/ universal panacea, and elevates beautiful women to the status of goddesses.
I won’t pretend to have resisted this brainwashing. I chased women with the best of them. But now that testosterone has relaxed its grip, I am left scratching my head and wondering why? I have to remind myself about sexual attraction.
Female sexual appeal is a function of her fertility. It is all about procreation. We are meant to marry, propagate and move on to other things. The Illuminati have arrested our development by sabotaging marriage. Sex has become an all-reductive, life-long obsession. Society is frozen in an adolescent mindset.
Sex is part of a matrix that keeps us in mental and spiritual slavery. Television constantly cues us to pursue sex and everything leading to it. The mainstreaming of anonymous sex, pornography and obscenity has degraded us all.
The craving for women just makes men weak. We don’t need anything but total control over ourselves and there is no faster way to lose it than hankering after sex and “love.” The Illuminati control women and use them to control men.
Luckily, there are better men than I who recognized this truth earlier. A bachelor friend, 42, writes that when you have meaning and purpose, you don’t need pleasure and consolation:
“I won’t brag about having been able to “transcend” [sex] like a Buddhist monk. I had my share of fun over the years. The youth of today I believe call it ‘friends with benefits’ or other such euphemisms. In recent years, I can honestly say it has been less important as I “was awakened” to what is going on in the world. I can’t even remember how many Saturday nights I spent alone reading in the Babylonian Talmud in my recent education. It was a crazy thing I discovered about myself, I cared more about learning and intellectual stimulation than about sex. Mind you I find this a bit unsettling at times! But I am getting comfortable with the notion and these days it is not much of an issue.
My focus these days, besides business, is to expose and bring to an end the reign of this cabalistic cult of criminals (I do so enjoy alliteration) in our lifetime. I’m in pretty good shape, if I can live another 40 years, maybe I can be a witness to their exposure and destruction.”
As this letter suggests, when we understand the world and see through mass media, we can establish our lives on firm foundations instead of chimeras.
Don’t misunderstand me. I advocate marriage and family. Part of my detachment is due to being happily married. My wife empowers me in many ways. But many young women today have been re-engineered to fear, imitate and challenge men.
They have been lied to and betrayed by society.
A reader reports a young male friend complaining “how predatory are the girls he comes across – how they expect sex on the first meeting, and are only out for one night stands, and how he and his friends feel confused, as though their gender role has been usurped.”
If I were starting out again, I would focus on building my self-confidence. For men, this comes from the recognition and reward we get from work well done. I would look for a wife that wanted to be first mate on my ship, and offer her my love and loyalty in return. With a successful marriage, all other women become redundant and sex loses its mythic quality.
The mating instinct in young men is just as powerful as in women. Men are more devastated by a breakup than women. That’s why they need to concentrate on what strengthens them, and seek women who want marriage. Study their character through patient courtship. Avoid feminists, sluts and women who had bad relationships with their fathers.
(“Feminism Deprives Women of Father Love” http://
Look for a dependable helpmate/ companion rather than soul mate. (Souls are too mercurial.)
Love and sex shouldn’t be your first priority. These add to life but our primary relationship is with God, who is the personal ideal we set for ourselves. Henry David Thoreau said: “Every man is tasked to make his life, even in its details, worthy of the contemplation of his most elevated and critical hour.”
God is represented by our soul. Our goal is to be in total possession of ourselves (true to our ideal self) always. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A trust in yourself is the height of piety, not pride. It is unwillingness to learn from any but God Himself.”
As for lobster, give me large shrimp at half-the-price; and you don’t need to struggle with the shell. —-
Reading Suggestion: “Sexual Energy and Yoga” by Elizabeth Haich, 1972
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Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of “Illuminati-The Cult that Hijacked the World.” ( His articles can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving your comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.

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