Pfizer Implicated in Human Drug Experimentation on Critically Ill Children in Nigeria

Mike Adams
Wednesday, Nov 26, 2008

Did Pfizer recruit critical ill Nigerian children for illegal drug experiments? That’s what the Nigerian government is charging in an $8.5 billion lawsuit against the drug maker. To avoid a court battle, Pfizer is offering to pay off the Nigerian government with $150 million in drug money, hoping it will drop the case and end what could potentially be a public relations nightmare for the drug maker.

Anyone familiar with the true history of drug companies knows that many of them have a long, dark history of experimentation on human beings. Read the shocking timeline of human medical experimentation here:

Drug companies, of course, routinely conduct drug trials outside the United States these days, away from public scrutiny and regulations involving basic human rights. In my opinion, drug companies exploit these third-world children, using them as guinea pigs to gather manipulated clinical trial data for their drugs, then they turn around and sell those same dangerous drugs at criminally-high markups to citizens of wealthy first-world nations.

The true stories of drug companies using citizens of third-world countries for vaccine experiments and dangerous drug trials are horrifying, to say the least. But it’s even worse when you realize that, for the most part, Big Pharma is also experimenting on virtually everyone, since most of their new drugs have never been proven in long-term safety trials anyway.

Let’s face it: Anyone who takes pharmaceuticals is a self-appointed guinea pig, and the true results of this industry-wide experimentation on humans will only be known in the years ahead.

At least Nigerian officials have the balls to ask for true justice in this case: They’re demanding that Pfizer’s former chief executive William Steere face prison time for his crimes against the Nigerian children.

I couldn’t agree more. I just wonder whether U.S. bureaucrats will someday find the courage to do what Nigerian officials are already attempting: To bring Big Pharma to justice and seek criminal indictments of its top masterminds who are committing crimes against humanity.

Click to read:
Pfizer Implicated in Human Drug Experimentation on Critically Ill Children in Nigeria

From What if a drug company experimenting on critically ill children doesn’t get the proper parental consent, 11 of those children die and a whistleblower is fired? Those are the charges leveled against Pfizer in a legal battle that has dragged on for the past seven years in Manhattan federal court and in Nigeria, where the government is seeking $8.5 billion in restitution and damages…. more


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