Celente – The Collapse Of 2009

By Gerald Celente

RHINEBECK, NY —  In November 2007, we predicted “The Panic of ’08” as a Top Trend for 2008. We were so sure of our forecast that we secured the domain name, Panicof08.com in November of 2007.
This November we predict “The Collapse of ’09” as a Top Trend for 2009. We are so sure of this forecast that we have recently secured the domain name, Collapseof09.com.
When we contacted you last year with our Top Trends list we wrote: 
In 2008, Americans will wake up to the worst economic times that anyone alive has ever seen. And they won’t know what hit them. Just as they were in a state of shock on 9/11, they’ll be frozen in fear when the Economic 9/11 strikes at the heart of Wall Street.
The “Panic of 08” hit as predicted, and so did the Economic 9/11 we had forecast when Lehman Brothers went bust, Merrill Lynch crashed, and A.I.G. was nationalized this past September.
Last year we wrote: 
Dismiss this trend forecast at your own peril. If you believe everything will be all right, and that the ship of state is sailing along just fine, toss this out and go about your business. 
There is still time to prepare for “The Collapse of 09” that trend seer Gerald Celente predicts, and there is still time to plan for how to best survive the aftermath that will follow. Forewarned is forearmed.  
To schedule an interview with Gerald Celente, Founder & Director of The Trends Research Institute, contact:
Meri Puccio
Media Relations
845.876.6700 Ext. 1

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