Citizen journalists told to stop using Twitter to update on Bombay attacks

Murad Ahmed
London Times
Thursday, Nov 27, 2008

News on the Bombay attacks is breaking fast on Twitter with hundreds of people using the site to update others with first-hand accounts of the carnage.

The website has a stream of comments on the attacks which is being updated by the second, often by eye-witnesses and people in the city. Although the chatter cannot be verified immediately and often reflects the chaos on the streets, it is becoming the fastest source of information for those seeking unfiltered news from the scene.

In the past hour, people using Twitter reported that bombings and attacks were continuing, but none of these could be confirmed. Others gave details on different locations in which hostages were being held.

And this morning, Twitter users said that Indian authorities was asking users to stop updating the site for security reasons:

One person wrote: “Police reckon tweeters giving away strategic info to terrorists via Twitter”.

Many pointed to reports that that the situation had led to clashes between Indian forces and militants in the disputed border region of Kashmir. Some messages gave the names of suspected terrorists. None of the information could be confirmed at this stage.

Twitter is a micro-blogging service, where people can send short messages of up to 140 characters to friends using text messages or over the internet.

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