Makow – Rockefeller Official Revealed New World Order Plot in 1969

By Henry Makow PhD
Our political and cultural “leaders” are accomplices in a plot to re-engineer humanity to serve the Judeo-Masonic central banking cartel. Wars, terrorism, depressions, political and social change, entertainment and fads are all contrived to gradually bring about an Orwellian police state. Many people have said this but last week, I learned of another “smoking gun.”
Randy Engel, the President of the US Coalition of Life sent me a tape she made in 1988 with Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, a Pittsburgh pediatrician who died in Jan. 2004.
(Engel- US Coalition of Life–
It consists of his recollection of a speech given March 20, 1969 by Dr. Richard Day, the National Medical Director of the Rockefeller-sponsored “Planned Parenthood” to a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society. It describes “A New World System,” already in place which would permanently transform the world. Dr. Day wanted the eighty or so physicians present to be prepared. The transcript of Dunegan’s recollections has been posted here and should be read in full.
(Transcript- new_order_of_barbarians.html)
Much of what Day promised in 1969 is looking into a rear-view mirror today. But ominous events have yet to transpire. They do want to implant a chip in us so they can find and identify us, as well as monitor and control our purchases. They are weaning us off national allegiance and will resort to terrorism to win our assent to their global police state. They may use “one or two nuclear bombs to convince people we mean business,” Day said. He refrained from mentioning who “we” are but said the names are recognizable. Given that he worked for the Rockefellers, I assume he meant the Rockefellers and their bosses, the Rothschilds.
This adds weight to the widely-held view that the central bankers are responsible for most terrorism, using MI-6, Mossad and the CIA. Dr. Day also said that “war is obsolete” given the danger of nuclear exchange so terrorism would be used instead. This was 1969.
He said that there are always two reasons for anything the Rockefellers do: the pretext which makes it palatable to the gullible public and the real reason. Thus, as I argued in my book “Cruel Hoax” (2007), we are being turned into homosexuals in the name of “women’s and gay rights.” Gender-confused and promiscuous, fewer people are able and willing to bond permanently with the opposite sex for the purpose of having children.
Dr. Day said sex will be separated from marriage and reproduction ( i.e. “sexual liberation”) to break up the family and reduce population. Abortion, divorce and homosexuality will be made socially acceptable. “Homosexuals will be given permission to act out. Everyone including the elderly will be encouraged to have sex. It will be brought out into the open. Anything goes.” [The “Stonewall Riots” which unleashed the “gay rights” movement, took place three months later.] The ultimate goal is to have sex without reproduction. Reproduction without sex will occur in laboratories. Family size will be limited as in China.
It will be made more difficult for families to stay together. More women will work outside the home and more people will remain single. Sports instead of dolls will be promoted to girls so they will seek achievement instead of family. Girls will be taught they are the same as boys.
In general, international sports like soccer and hockey will be pushed so Americans will see themselves as “world citizens.” American sports like baseball and football will not be similarly encouraged.
Pertinent now that US automakers are hurting, Day said America will be de-industrialized. Each part of the world will have a specialty and thus become interdependent. He said American industry will be undermined and shown to be uncompetitive. The US will remain a center for agriculture, high tech, communications, and education.
Pornography, violence and obscenity on TV and in movies will be increased. People will be desensitized to violence and porn and made to feel life is short, precarious and brutish. Music will “get worse” and will be used for indoctrination.
There will be unemployment and mass migration in order to uproot long established (conservative) communities. Social change will be introduced in port cities and work its way to the heartland. (Thus, the east and west coast are liberal.)
He said a cure to cancer exists in the Rockefeller Institute but is kept secret for purposes of depopulation. He said there will be an increase in infectious man-made diseases.
Dr. Day, who worked in weather modification during the war, said weather can be used to wage war or create drought and famine. The food supply will be monitored so no one can get enough food to “support a fugitive from the New System.” Growing your own food will be outlawed under the pretext of it being unsafe.
He said people are controlled by means of the information they are given. Thus, information will be selective. Not everyone will be allowed to own books. “Certain books will disappear from libraries.” Literary classics will be subtly altered. People will spend longer in school but not learn anything. There will be restrictions on travel; and private home ownership will disappear.
He said people who don’t want to go along will be “disposed of humanely.” He said there will be no martyrs–“people will just disappear.”
Dr. Day says politicians are manipulated “without their even knowing it.” Their failure to protect us from this Satanic conspiracy is a betrayal of the first order. We have to alert the sincere ones and reach soldiers and police too. Civilization hangs in the balance. We are in real danger and should organize in small independent units.
People are hurting now and are more receptive to this information. This “economic downturn” is deliberate and part of the police state agenda. We have to educate people who think these events are random. The Rockefellers and their traitorous lackeys can’t bring this off if the intelligentsia and masses are aware of the truth.
(Deliberate- illuminati_bankers_seek_revolu.html)
Progressives and Leftists need to learn that “progress” and “change” really refer to totalitarian world government. This is the change they “believe in.” Dr. Day said in 1969, “people will have to get used to constant change.” I used to be a Liberal-Leftist myself. If I can see what “changing the world” really means, others can too.
We also have to take practical steps to defend ourselves, our families and our freedom.
Our society and culture are a fraud based on one central fraud, the monopoly over government credit by Cabalist private bankers. They are using this power to extend their monopoly over every aspect of our lives by manipulating world events and social behavior. The only way to save civilization from failure is to nationalize the Central Banks.
“Central Bankers Seek Totalitarian Power” http://
Dr. Richard Day Obit (1905-1989) res=950DE4D8163CF935A25755C0A96F948260
Cleveland Food Co-op Raided thread/7893405bbc6e1148?hl=en&pli=1
Elite Signaled Political Change 22obama_is_merely_a_fop_for_the_global_elite%22_20081124105/
De-industrialization of US q=ARTICLE2/doodoo.html
Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of “Illuminati-The Cult that Hijacked the World.” ( His articles can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving your comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.


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8 responses to “Makow – Rockefeller Official Revealed New World Order Plot in 1969

  1. Paul

    Great article, can’t believe this is true, these rockefellers are sick. However, I don’t quite understand what you mean by “progressives and leftists need to learn that progress and change really refers to totalitarian world government.”

    • burningbabylon


      Thanks for the reply. If you are interested in learning more read the Henry Makow category on my blog. “progressive” and “leftist”, like “rightist” and “conservative’ are merely buzzwords, false paradigms. If you are new to this sort of research, you will soon find that the largest international banks have funded both sides of every major conflict for at least the last hundred years. Right-left, communism-capitalism are just different names for the same thing, COMMAND AND CONTROL! It is openly admitted that the purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is to set up a world government, along the lines of Marx. Continue on and free your mind!

  2. Paul

    Yeah I am very interested in all this and I will keep reading.
    Ok, I think i understand what you mean about the expressions/words but are you saying that you are totally against any form of governement? And another question – how is the Council on Foreign Relations related to Marx? I am pretty much new to all this so it might be a stupid question but thanks for answering anyway.

  3. burningbabylon


    I stand strongly for the type of limited government granted by the US Constitution. For a little more about Marx and the CFR here is a great interview

  4. Paul

    So, within the politcal spectrum – what are you? If you don’t mind me asking.
    I am Left Libertarian (in the bottom left corner of the box).
    When i first started reading about the NWO and about the dysfunctional, corrupt system we live in, I assumed that everyone fighting it (the new world order) were on one side ie. had the same “political ideology”.
    However, I have read abit about Socialism and Marx and it doesn’t seem to be that bad (out of what I’ve read so far). I have trouble seeing how socialism can benefit the NWO.
    Although as Marx said that state-communism is equal to state-capitalism (I think I read that somewhere) and in that sense I can see how it might, just might, benefit the NWO.

    After reading more, I have gotten the feeling that all people fighting the NWO do not believe in the same things, or are fighting for the same goal. This really threw me off. Is it like that?

    What got me reading about all this was when a friend and I wrote a school report about 9/11 and the “conspiracy theories” surrounding it. I then watched a movie called zeitgeist and it’s sequel “Zeitgeist Addendum”. The latter talks about the Venus Project and a state-less, class-less society without any money. It really spoke to me and I believe in it. However there are several people that also are fighting the NWO that say that these movies are in fact pro-NWO propaganda (eg. Alex Jones). Do you know anything about this?

    Thank you for taking your time to read this and answer the questions, I am truly grateful because I really want to learn – knowledge is power.

    PS. Sorry if some of my facts are wrong, as I said: I’m new to this and there’s just so much to read about and it’s hard to keep track of everything.

    • burningbabylon

      Paul, its great that you have a hunger for knowledge. My I ask your age? The first thing you should do, in my opinion, is give up on trying to label yourself using the political spectrum presented to us. I personally view it as pull between freedom and slavery. As governments grow, freedom diminishes.
      The thing about socialism and the redistribution of wealth is that there will always have to be a group doling out the money and enforcing the equality (and you can bet this group will view themselves as above the people being levelled!)

      Zeitgeist is a well-done film, but I personally disagree with addendum. The venus project sounds great, but be wary of those pushing the utopian vision (see: the french revolution.) I would guess that, either knowingly or unknowingly, zeitgeist is serving the new world/new age agenda. The fact is, people are not equal and they never will be. That said, all people deserve equal rights and the ability to live their lives the way they see fit. There are numerous critiques of the film around the web for you to check out.

      International communism is the stated goal of the new world order. Socialism is a means to that end. If you are interested in learning about this dynamic, study the fabian socialists. G. edward griffin (author of the creature from Jekyll Island) did and interview called Fabianism vs. leninism, which is very informative and can be found on my blog.

      Keep studying and always seek those who are looking for truth, and never those who have already found it. The more knowledge you gain, the more you realize you don’t know!

  5. Paul

    I’m 19 years old. That’s true about the political spectrum, I thought about that myself but I just needed some kind of way to compare myself to other people and their thoughts. I wanted to see the differences/similarities in practical, real-life situations, in how people would put their ideas in effect. Because just saying that your for example a non-comformist “fighting the system” does not show exactly how you want things to be.

    That is true about there being a group “doling out the money and enforcing the equality.” However, even if this elite would exist, I believe that once we have gotten rid of the idea that we must compete against eachother to survive (the very basis of our society today) then the greed and hunger for power that spawns these elites will not exist. The people doling out the money will, even if in a higher rank of power, not abuse this power.
    People aren’t born greedy, it is only the system in which they live that conditions them to believe so. They are only aligning themselves with the image projected upon them by society. Once we see past the image being projected upon us (ie. the person we think we are) and realise who we truly are we will break free from these restraints and live like we want and in peace with eachother.

    I will read up about that, however I had trouble finding your blog, can you give me a link?
    By the way, who exactly is it I am talking too? Is this Henry Makow?

    Thanks for your time,


  6. What seems simpler, what Dr Day suggest ( “We have to alert the sincere ones and reach soldiers and police too. Civilization hangs in the balance. We are in real danger and should organize in small independent units.”) or hire a siper to take care of a few Rockefellers? I mean really, if all this is true and what is at risk here, why not just make a “peep hole” in their forehead and solve all the problems of the future world. It really is that simple to solve.

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