Pope Flashes Satanic Hand Sign



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3 responses to “Pope Flashes Satanic Hand Sign

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  2. Michael

    If the eyes are the window to the soul then anyone not asleep, or blind will see that this man is but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Every picture that I have ever seen of this creature tells the same story. If you were to see this creature uncloaked coming toward you on a crowded sidewalk what would your intuition tell you. Duck! Yet millions of people have been hoodwinked because of their religious indoctrination. My greatest natural ability is my intuition. I can read people like a book, or a book without words if you like. I only need to see the face, or more importantly the eyes. Nearly 40 years of human interaction and It hasn’t failed me yet. Come on people can you not see it too? Look past the title and the costume and you will see it lurking there in the void. It makes my skin crawl! I dare say that it is my intuition that saved me, for I am a recovering Catholic. Now go tell it on the mountain.

  3. Lear

    Michael, I completly agree with you on every word. In fact I have been thinking the same since the last pope came to power. Once I also made the same analogy to my mother of seeing him walking down the street in usual clothes. 😀
    It’s kinda sad how certain persistent thought forms (read: indoctrinated beliefs) can really overshadow someones judgment. Because, I’m sure, also ardent catholics have felt the same about him, closing one eye at time, sometimes two.
    We really need to be free of these negative thought forms if we want to live a better life on this planet. Such as the belief that materiality is impure (common to many spiritual traditions alas), or that we can exploit and subjugate the Earth as we like. This is a destructive way of thinking that is like a poison for everyone of us, and it is our duty to suck it and spit it out like if you we’re just biten by a vicious snake.


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