The Heroic David Dees

Hi there,

I have really opened up some very real drama since creating this political art starting four years ago, but now it has come to my doorstep.

Many of you know that I live in Sweden, moved here seven years ago, and have enjoyed a rather peaceful life in a little town by a big lake. I never mentioned exactly where I live, but I have mentioned that I live in Sweden in a few interviews recently and now it seems that that information has rather backfired on me.

Last week at night I locked my door before I went bed, and oddly I went and checked it twice, even though I was certain I had just locked it, a premonition?

I woke up next morning, came in and sat at my computer, heard an unusual click of the lock from the front door. I look and see my front door wide open. Now these are metal digital keys, not easily duplicated. So I look in the drawer for my spare key, it is gone. My mind whirled as I realized someone had walked into my apartment and searched it and found the key, now they have come back and left the message of an open door, in broad daylight.

Of course I shrink back and reel in my mind, this is too bizarre, I immediately start thinking of who is doing such a scary thing to me, and my list of  corrupt governments, politicians and evil companies I attack with the political art is quite a long one these days, who could it be, and what am I supposed to do now?

So I called a close friend and we talked about it, and together decided it must be Monsanto, I had just done the piece with the skull and crossbones made out of silverware, that must have really pissed them off.

Det siste bildet David Dees laget før det første COINTELPRO-angrepet mot ham på hans hemmelige skjulested i Sverige

And since this open door was not too angry of a warning, it seemed more corporate, than perhaps a messy and bloody Mossad Israeli job.

So we were confident it was Monsanto. I thought, well, I will just change the locks and no more Monsanto art, that is easy enough.

Then, this saturday night I ride into town on my bike, lock it to the metal bike rack with my big U-shaped lock on the left side to the metal rack, so I can lock the body and not just the tire. I come back a couple hours later to find my bike is totally gone, that sinking feeling hits me that I lost such a nice bike, then I look in amazement and see it sitting over on the other side of the rack unlocked, with the lock sitting in the basket. At first I was so happy, then I realized I had been hit again. But this time it was really intense. You have to have the key itself to lock the two pieces back together, so I knew it had not just been picked open, they actually had to have the key.

Yikes. Another wake up call.

This time I was plenty freaked out, they are now actually following me into town, they must be watching me a lot to know I was even leaving my place and coming into town that night, in fact, I had been with friends riding into town earlier, so they had waited hours to do this sting. What kind of an operation is this? I rode home with a new level of paranoia I had never experienced, I locked my doors and got on the phone trying to find friend at home I call and talk to, trying just to connect with someone to feel better. I was very upset with this new incident.

The next day I call a source who is very on the inside of what is going on in this country, and she came back to me with some information.

She said, you would assume that the people coming in your apartment are ones you are targeting with the political statements you are doing, but that is not the case. Sweden is a very conservative country  you are a guest here, and now ones inside of the government have become aware you are bringing a lot of unwanted attention onto Sweden, so this is simply their way of telling you it is time for you to leave. It is easy for them to hire professionals to carry out the operations, who can go to the manufacturer of the bike lock and get a master key, and can go through any locks you put up. They will make you increasingly uncomfortable, the incidents will not stop, and while you are not in physical danger at the moment, your cats certainly are, and you also could become the target if you do not leave.

So, I sat realizing my whole world had just suddenly been destroyed.

Life has gotten very serious, I don’t like to go outside anymore, I know I am being watched. Then this last Sunday I took a nap for a couple hours, and of course I checked to make sure the door was locked, I had changed the locks myself. And woke up to find the door open again. Then Tuesday it happened again, while I was sitting here I walked to the next room and look to see the door open again.

I have been through a few days of high stress of what to do and where would I go, literally pacing back and forth and saying, what am i going to do? I decided finally that this same harassment scenario would happen in any European country so it is best I return to America.  I am well aware I am returning to the front lines of the battle, a tyranny descending, an economy imploding, a police state increasing, and I am moving right back into the middle of it, along with my notorious name being well known now. It is a scary thing to really think about how many of these killers running the government know my name, perhaps it was them that flushed me out of hiding.

How many times did I hear people on radio shows wishing they could leave the US if they had a safe country to go to, and I sat here all confident I had found the greatest place. Well, that is now over with. But, I will return and fight the war with the rest of you, and maybe one day we can meet up in the same FEMA camp. Yikes.

I was only just a couple weeks ago I was thinking about gathering the money enough to pay my upcoming rent and some tax bills for the month of september, and now I am being asked to get out of the country. This is a massive undertaking and requires a whole lot of planning and money, two things I have neither of.

I have a whole lot of stuff, and a car, and three cats, so today I enquired how much it will cost for a shipping container back to the USA and it is 6000 dollars to bring my car and belongings back to America, then a thousand more to drive it to the location. Oh dear. And the cost of the plane ticket, and the cats, and then just trying to set up and rent a new place, rent a place and put a deposit too?

Well, I don’t have the money, but I have to leave, I am about to crack up, I need a drink.

So now Jeff Rense has stepped up and offered that I can come to Oregon and live in his little town. And that he could put up some money even though he has his own serious finances happening too. When he mentioned how much he could put in I saw that does not even dent the amount I have to come up with.

The new plan is to store my ton of things here with a storage / moving company, then fly to Oregon with my cats, and work to get the money to ship my stuff. Oh my gawd, what a mess.

Then I remembered I have some prints to sell.

SO, I am offering a limited edition lithograph of my Federal Reserve spider entrapping the earth illustration to help me raise funds, perhaps I can auction them, or have a set price of 500 bucks for one, but I guess If you can bid on one please do, and I will take the highest bids for this series of five. It is for a great cause. Cause I am in big trouble now.

“Federal Reserve spider” – bilde som Dees vil selge et begrenset opplag litografier av for å avhjelpe sin vanskelige situasjon. Pris: kun 500 US dollar

I also have one very special lithograph for sell. I never thought I would let go of it, but now is the time. You all know the amazing Aaron Russo, the film producer who created the movie, America: Freedom to Fascism. Well, he called me one day and said he was a very big fan of my art, we became fast friends, he was incredible to chat with, as you can imagine. He talked about filling his whole house with my art. So he had me put together 27 very large prints of his favorite pieces.  He loved all the art and had them beautifully framed and put down the hallway of his Beverly Hills home. One of the 27 was the man reading the newspaper under the chemtrailed sky. When it was produced I felt it needed to be a little bit bigger, so I redid it, and sent that new one instead.

But, as you know, sadly, we lost him to cancer. It did occur to me that he certainly knew he was going to die, yet he filled his house with the art, he was still planning and creating, but then he was gone.

I have that one print that was for Aaron. I was going to hold onto it for sentimental reasons, and I believe the value connected to this piece is important. I will take bids on that one too.

I know I have asked for donations to help me get through situations in the past, and I have explained that taking on this insane task of exposing political and financial corruption is dangerous, now you can see how real it really is, they are coming into my house, and now throwing me out of the country. I have asked for a few dollars before, but now you can see I am in real need. I have been criticized by a couple people before, and I suppose they don’t realize how someone in my position does need support to do what I do.


Klassisk Dees-bilde: Leseren av “The Daily Wake-up Call”…

If you have some illustration work for me, I can take payment on future jobs, that is perfect. On donate if you can do it easily, please. And don’t feel sorry for me, I put myself in this crazy situation, and I don’t plan to stop doing the art, in fact, I plan to step it up and really dig in for the long haul. Until they haul me away.

This is my latest piece called World Mart, and also the two prints available (see above), the kitchen is a mess as I am packing already and that is when I found these prints, please bid on those, or donate what you can. If you send a check be sure also email me and alert me the amount so i can make note of it.

Vil du gi en donasjon til David Dees ?

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Sjekk (skriv på baksiden av sjekken) “For Deposit Only – Account # 011451606″ Sendes pr post til:
Zions Bank Sugarhouse
2200 S. Highland Dr.
Salt Lake City
UT 84106

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  1. Watching Tron trailer daily, cannot wait for the movie

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