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These people are the real enemies of America and the world, not some ghost in a cave in Afghanistan.  It will be a great day when the lovers of freedom and the constitution regain control of the mass media and people like Ezra Klein will be forever remembered as sycophantic criminals!!


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Benjamin Freedman – An alternate look at WW1 & WW2

Benjamin Freedman, an heroic American Jew, blows the whistle on organized Jewry and Zionism.  This is in 1961 folks!  An honorable man warns his fellow citizens.

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The Host and The Parasite (Part 1)


Greg Felton, an investigative reporter and author, spoke at the Vancouver Public Library on Feb. 25, 2008 about the influence the Zonist lobby has on the U.S. foreign policy.

Find more information at

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Rense & Moret – Google’s Sinister DNA Plans


Whistleblowing scientist Leuren Moret reveals Googles shocking ongoing plans and technology advances, including advanced DNA mapping and profiling of the general population, as we hurtle toward a total cradle-to-grave post Orwellian nightmare world of total police state control.


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Bob Marley – New Zealand Interview 1979

Bob Marley speaks on reggae music, media control, government, marijuana prohibition, and more.  Is it any wonder, after listening to this interview, why Bob Marley had to make a quick departure from the world stage??

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Clooney, Google, UN team up to watch Sudan border

(Google is not your friend!  Read Leuren Moret’s fascinating work about the future according to Google, or join the radio archives and listen to her throughout the years.  I recommend, as a privacy-oriented search engine alternative to google.  Also, George Clooney is either a con man or an useful idiot if he believes the UN or Google have the best intentions of the people of Sudan at heart as they build their surveillance grid.) editor
By MATTHEW LEE, Associated Press – Wed Dec 29, 7:28 am ET

WASHINGTON – A group founded by American actor George Clooney said Tuesday it has teamed up with Google, a U.N. agency and anti-genocide organizations to launch satellite surveillance of the border between north and south Sudan to try to prevent a new civil war after the south votes in a secession referendum next month.

Clooney’s Not On Our Watch is funding the start-up phase Satellite Sentinel Project that will collect real-time satellite imagery and combine it with field analysis from the Enough Project and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, organizers said.

The data will point out movements of troops, civilians and other signs of impending conflict. The U.N. Operational Satellite Applications Program and Google will then publish the findings online.

“We want to let potential perpetrators of genocide and other war crimes know that we’re watching, the world is watching,” Clooney said in a statement. “War criminals thrive in the dark. It’s a lot harder to commit mass atrocities in the glare of the media spotlight.”

The groups hope that early warnings will reduce the risk of violence.

Southern Sudan’s looming Jan. 9 independence referendum has raised fears of renewed north-south civil war. The vote is the result of a 2005 peace deal that ended a 21-year conflict that claimed the lives of two million people and left twice as many displaced.

Organizers said the Satellite Sentinel Project will be available online Wednesday at

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Obscene, threatening comments posted at anti-TSA website traced to Homeland Security servers

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Officials from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) seem to now be going on the offensive against those who oppose its new invasive and unconstitutional airport security protocols being carried out by agents of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA). According to George Donnelly, owner of, government workers appear to be posting hateful messages on his anti-TSA blog under the guise of anonymity.

One such comment, which has since been deleted, said, “F**k you, f**k all you c**ksuckers, you wont change anything.” Another stated, “Ride the bus,TSAis here to stay there [sic] doing a great job keeping americia [sic] safe.”

Donnelly says that upon tracing the origin of the comments, he discovered that they came from the servers of, the official website of the U.S. Department ofHomeland Security. Nineteen comments in total were all posted from the same server, including the two previously mentioned. And while all were worded in different tones and voices, they all expressed hostility to those opposingthe TSA.

“Some questions come to mind,” wrote Donnelly on his blog in response to his findings. “Is this an official statement? If not, is it an accurate representation of the DHS position? Was this person on the public dime when he or she posted this? Who posted this and what is their position with DHS?”

“This is not the first time we have been trolled by individuals connected to the TSA. Someone posted a personal attack on me from an IP belonging to mitre,org, a corporation whose core competency is securing federalgovernmentcontracts, including DHS and TSA ones. Any effective TSA resistance threatens not only the TSA itself but also the bureaucrats who got us to this point and the corporations who are getting paid for the technology.” is working towards abolishing the new TSA protocols by pushing airlines to take a stand. And according to aWashington Postpiece from November, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a civil liberties group, has filed a lawsuit against the TSA citing the unconstitutionality of its current actions.

Sources for this story include:……

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