MK ULTRA? – Jared Loughner Radically Changed Before Alleged Shooting, Friend Says

PROBLEM: American gun owners pose significant obstacle to establishment of world dictatorship.  Mass shootings needed to sway public opinion and force legislators to close ranks and pass gun control laws.  Through the use of MK Ultra-type programming or by simply pushing a disturbed individual to act out violent tendencies, the PROBLEM should now be evident to the public.

REACTION:  Use the controlled media to paint shooter as a deranged anti-government fanatic, bent on revolution.  Associate patsy, dupe, or mind controlled slave to political group sought to be demonized in the public mind.  Use media media whores to paint a picture of a preventable tragedy.  Shamelessly exploit contrived REACTION for political ends and to call for tougher gun laws.

SOLUTION:  To protect citizens from themselves, enact burdensome gun laws, or outright gun bans and confiscation.  Wrap yourself in the flag and don’t forget, it’s all about protecting the children.  The powers that be have now arrived at their predetermined SOLUTION by applying the right pressure to the levers of power they control.


Jan. 9, 2011

A longtime friend of Jared Lee Loughner, the suspect in custody following the murder of six people in an apparent assassination attempt on Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, said there was a mysterious, significant change in him a year before the shooting.

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3 responses to “MK ULTRA? – Jared Loughner Radically Changed Before Alleged Shooting, Friend Says

  1. I strongly suspect Jared Loughner is an MKULTRA-PROJECT MONARCH DELTA slave. Not a BETA, like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. The DELTAS are programmed to k-ll — they remain “dormant” until the trigger phrases are given, different for each person and possibly even each “project”. The missing “accomplice” is likely his Handler. Many Monarch victims are described in society as Schizophrenic or Bi-polar. It has been rumored that Sarah Palin is a BETA slave – designed for the purpose of “servicing” others. This is a sick topic – bad sick, not good sick. If you are unfamiliar with the topic and want to know more, please see this page —

    • Admonition

      Yeah that’s the way I see it too, there are allot of ignorant people out there that don’t know this. get this it even promoted the L.A. riots. back when G.H.W.B was president just like promoted Charels Manson when nixon took office but back then it was called mk ultra and parsons project then in that era it went into monarch and paperclip that roit and everything about it was the CIA RMS calibrating it’s sorcery of the bionic psychic visual demonocracy that is causing all the riot’s, crime wave’s, revolutions, suicide bombing’s, terrorism, wars and mass murder suicide calibrating it for when G. W bush took office and it’s the product of G.H.W.B’s new world order sharing of ultra secret bionic psychic visual communication’s technologies with eight other countries in the gate summit. we need to end the new world order and cut the shadow government to end the madness acronym to…….Mutually Assured Distruction via Noospheric Eigenvalue-vector-function’s of Secret Syndicates broadcasting through ultra secret CIA RMS psychic visual bionic communication systems globally.

  2. Admonition

    The shadow gerency has to be cut completely cause they’re only CIA RMS psychic visual MK ULTRA ultra secret numanistic trouble makers making money from the trouble they cause. their unconstitutional and illegal mal practice of their numanist occult psychic communication systems are the cause of most all documented and undocumented terrorist attack’s since they couldn’t find sadams W.M.D’s. it was all obloquious MK ULTRA psychic noosphere’s broadcasted globally that caused the “freedom fighter’s to come against us so desperately. that’s what caused sadam to fire on kuwait cause the psychic numanist occult’s of the multi religious CIA RMS psychic visual spy manipulations (all the while breaking the laws of the separation between church and state) had practiced to secretly overthrow sadam. sadam knew, so he fired on kuwait cause that’s where the cia rms psychic numanist threats was coming from so sadam bombed them. the U.S shadow government has to be cut and all U.S aid to that sort of ultra secret numanist developments to end the madness. then we need to prosecute the psychic visual synoptics administration’s and oversight committee’s that engineered and streamlined the school shooting’s, the oklahoma city bombing they got tim mcveigh to commit, the nation wide mass murder suicide’s, and parents drowning their children, children killing their parent’s and hundred’s of other psychic scenarios of numanistic psychic noosphere’s streamlined onto an ignorant public for them to carry out against the innocent people and children of our societies and prosecute who is illegally controlling the global populate by perduelliously conspired numanist mind control engineered to exacerbate the common person into striking out onto societies prosecuting them to the firing squad.

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