Our Occult Rulers: Mrs Blair wore a pendant to ward off evil spirits

The world is run by a cult.  They use symbols and rituals to control the masses.  It is easy to dismiss Cherie Blair as an exception, but a little research will show that public figures use occult knowledge to better control the minds of their subjects.  You don’t have to believe in “evil spirits,” but Tony Blair’s wife does and that makes it real enough to question. – editor


Tony Blair allowed his wife Cherie to wear a pendant to ‘ward off evil spirits’ because she needed to be ‘slightly mad’ to cope with life at No 10.

The revelation comes in the latest installment of diaries by Mr Blair’s former spin chief Alastair Campbell.

In the volume, which covers the first two years of Mr Blair’s premiership and will be published later this month, Mr Campbell tells how he warned the ex-prime minister about Cherie’s ‘madder stuff’, such as her support for alternative therapies.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1347427/Cherie-Blair-wore-pendant-ward-evil-spirits-No-10-says-Alastair-Campbell.html#ixzz1BASQgKCp


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