Michigan’s Fermi 2 reactor stopped after condenser tube leak discovered, little information on radiation dangers


Michigan’s Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station on the shores of Lake Erie 40 kilometres from Detroit.

After being idled for repairs for two weeks, the Fermi 2 reactor of the Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station was restarted Thursday night and then shut down again Saturday due to discovery that condenser tubes were leaking, the Monroe Evening News of Michigan Reported.Andrei Ozharovsky, Charles Digges, 12/02-2011

“There are thousands of tubes that cooling water runs through, so we have to shut down to determine exactly where that’s coming from,” said Guy Cerullo, a spokesman for DTE Energy told the newspaper.

Unplanned reactor scrams and prolonged repairs are not only a feature of Russian NPPs.

After two weeks of repairs at the Fermi 2 plant, on the shore of Lake Erie near Monroe in Frenchtown Charter Township, Michigan, the reactor was launched on Thursday evening only to be shut down again on Saturday due to a leak in the condenser tubes.

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