ADL discovers Nazi nation in the Middle East and it’s not “Israel”

by Michael Hoffman

Paranoia and libel abound in the following article from the “Jerusalem Post.” Here is their definition of murderous anti-semitism: “…lethal anti-Semitism — a second Holocaust targeting the Jewish state.”

This is the language of hysteria calculated to provoke the assassination of the Iranian head of state and a US or Israeli air force bombing holocaust against Iran, in the name of preventing the alleged imminent Iranian threat of a holocaust against “Israel.”

This is madhouse logic. It reduces complex geo-politics, revisionist homicidal gas chamber skepticism and legitimate outrage at the bloody racism of the Israeli government, to the lowest common propaganda denominator, “Jihad and Jew hate.” How about an alarm over “Judaism and Arab hate,” which has engendered the mass murder of tens of thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian Arabs?

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