‘I was going to do her!’ The grubby comments by TSA agents that infuriated one female passenger

Last updated at 8:06 PM on 13th February 2011

It seems some airport security staff are more interested in looking at what lies underneath women’s clothes rather than respecting passengers.

Amy Sullivan, senior editor of Time magazine, was at a security checkpoint in Miami Airport on Tuesday when she opted out of passing through a backscatter scanning device – described by experts as a ‘virtual strip search’.

When she went through a metal detector instead and was searched by a woman, a male Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official is alleged to have said: ‘Hey, I thought she was mine – I was going to do her!’

Upset: Time senior editor Amy Sullivan said she was unhappy with a male security officer's comment of: 'I thought she was mine' at Miami Airport

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1356629/Sexism-complaints-airport-security-male-TSA-officials-compete-woman.html#ixzz1DyBzoKlZ


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