Can You Define Necessity?




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11 responses to “Can You Define Necessity?

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  2. Kris

    don’t know if you took the picture above and made image. Many people posted on FB and it was removed from all our Walls. I reposted with a leaf over the boys parts because I have been questioning and contimplating this very thing in my life and felt it was important to share. Later I realized I should ask if ok or should I take down. Thanks.

  3. leticia gonzalez

    this picture made me think!!! im always shopping and complaining that my son and i don’t have enough but when saw this picture it made me realize how bless we are and its time to give to the people that don’t have anything!!! this christmas i will be giving to those that don’t have anything!!! the money i was going to waste on him and friends will go to the ones that have don’t anything!!!!

  4. Carole

    I also posted on Facebook and found it had been removed from my wall. I wanted to spread this message. Does anyone have an explanation as to why it was removed?

  5. Kerrie

    Just two days ago I also posted a picture, where starving children were compared to Christmas shoppers, because I thought it was a great reminder to be thankful for the things I have and to remember that it’s better to give than receive and my post was removed from Facebook the next day. Can anyone tell me why? And what gives them the right? I’ve had friends post things that were naughty or crude and I’ve had to hide or delete them, so my son wouldn’t see them, but Facebook has never removed them! What the heck?!?

  6. deborah

    I just photo copied it and another “define necessity” picture, 1 smaller and 1 bigger picture. I’m going to laminate them both. Make a button to wear and a picture to hang on my front door through out the holidays. Lets see who rips it off my chest or front door. Merry Christmas All

  7. crystal

    Inequality on our planet is saddening to even think about which is why most people ignore the problem completely buy purchasing excessive merchandise and lavishly decorating their selves and homes.

  8. p.j.

    i too saw the pic on facebook,what an eye opener.the button and front door hanging are great ideas. i will be doin the same maybe we can start a revolution against the fat cat machine and show them we don’t need them telling us what a “necessity” is and what we should be paying for that “necessity”. what would these poor babies give for the “necessity” of perhaps 2 good meals a day,1 pair of shoes,1 otufit to wear and 7 changes of under garments? what a world.

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