Bill Maher is a Smug, Sycophantic, Scumbag

Once again, Bill Maher is exposed as the smug, controlled opposition that he really is.  To me, Maher is at the top of the heap of used-up media hookers.  He attempts to position himself as intellectually above left/right and “politically incorrect.”  In reality, he is nothing more than a war-mongering gatekeeper, that will sell you the government line EVERY time.  He doesn’t dare say a word that would jeopardize his contract.  If Bill is confronted with a controversial statement, whether from a guest or audience member, he reverts to his violent, zionist thug persona to enforce the “company” line.  In short, he is a whore.  Bravo to the WeAreChange member that confronted him and his panel of slack-jawed idiots with a few words of truth.  It’s always encouraging to hear the sheep applause as a brave American is violated for exercising the 1st Amendment.

On a personal level, Kevin Smith is so fat from his glamourous  life selling Hollywood garbage that he can’t even fit in an airplane!  This guy is a joke and is not worth more than two sentences.  Bill Maher is an overcompensating philanderer with no wife or family, who spends his personal time overseeing the murder of adoptable pets with his fellow PETA board members.   It’s scary to think that the “educated” demographic believe that Bill and his lackeys are on the cutting edge of reality!

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(Video Censored by HBO/YouTube Due to rapidly accelerating view count.)
February 19, 2011

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel of WeAreChangeLA was just beaten and arrested for interrupting a live broadcast of the Real Time with Bill Maher television show. Video from the live broadcast clearly shows Jeremy screaming “That’s Battery! If you ask me to leave, I will leave on my own accord” There is no reason for his assault and illegal arrest.WeAreChange LA have done this in response to last weeks Bill Maher’s attack on the 911 truth movement.

This is actually the second time WeAreChange La has interrupted the Real Time with Bill Maher, last time gaining national attention for there actions when Bill Maher physically removed the activists.



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3 responses to “Bill Maher is a Smug, Sycophantic, Scumbag

  1. Caryn Roth

    Jeremy was strangled, flung to the floor, his head slammed by the thug’s foot, his glasses ruined. This is Bill Maher’s fascist way of dealing with dissent.
    Illegal and brutal.

  2. Caren

    The dimutive Bill Maher has the face of an old ugly yenta. A garden-variety Cornell grad, he has spent his adult life hanging around the subterranean, insidious, hygenic super-pimp Hef along with Robert Culp, Chuck Woolery, and a superfluity of other long in the tooth TV cretins. He cheers on Nazi Israel and took up dilettantish political punditry in his 40s.

  3. Richard Cranium

    It is just unbelieveable the double standard that exists with the bleeding heart, scumbag, liberal, biased media. Rush is absolutely right about Fluke – she is a democrat operative with ties to the White House & Media matters. Sorrus, Maher, Matthews, Baywhore, Goldberg, Walters, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC absolutely hate conservatives and liberalism and contempt for us drips from their very lips. What is sad is the fact that we cannot seem to get a prime time slot on network tv to shut these maggots down. Obama destroying our great country and his contributors are those conservative hating people. I have a job, I pay taxes, and I have morals & standards that I follow & believe. The lberals are looking for a hand out and entitlement and that is one of our bigggest problems with our society. A woman who is paying $26,000 a semester at Georgetown cannot afford $9 a month berth control pills and she wants me to fund her personal needs. I don’t think so!

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