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BP Keeps on Killing?: LSU coastal scientist dies at 54

If you speak out about the BP Gulf crime against humanity, your life span seems to shorten substantially.  BP poisoned the Gulf of Mexico and the millions of people residing around it.  The sock-puppet Obama has not said one word about the fallout.  Those who are brave enough to raise awareness are targeted and neutralized.  Political dissidents, researchers, and whistle-blowers are routinely assassinated in America.  There are myriad ways it can be done.  It can be made to look like a heart attack or it can be a bullet to the head.  It is our job to spread the word about these deaths and to make sure that the killers know that we’re on to them. – Editor

  • Advocate Capitol News Bureau

The LSU community is reeling after the sudden death Thursday of prominent LSU coastal scientist Gregory Stone.

Stone, who was quoted extensively in many publications internationally after last year’s BP oil leak, was the director of the renowned Wave-Current Information System.

The system is used by many fishermen and scientists to monitor wind, waves and currents off the Louisiana coast.

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Bill Maher; you ignorant slut.

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Once there was a couple of glib ranters, whose main purpose in the act was to make themselves look clever and on the right side of the issues. The right side of issues would always have to be the perspective that seeks the greatest good for the greatest number of people. It would also have to be the position that speaks truth to power and recognizes that we are equal in some way, somehow, however difficult it may be to define.

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Bill Maher is a Smug, Sycophantic, Scumbag

Once again, Bill Maher is exposed as the smug, controlled opposition that he really is.  To me, Maher is at the top of the heap of used-up media hookers.  He attempts to position himself as intellectually above left/right and “politically incorrect.”  In reality, he is nothing more than a war-mongering gatekeeper, that will sell you the government line EVERY time.  He doesn’t dare say a word that would jeopardize his contract.  If Bill is confronted with a controversial statement, whether from a guest or audience member, he reverts to his violent, zionist thug persona to enforce the “company” line.  In short, he is a whore.  Bravo to the WeAreChange member that confronted him and his panel of slack-jawed idiots with a few words of truth.  It’s always encouraging to hear the sheep applause as a brave American is violated for exercising the 1st Amendment.

On a personal level, Kevin Smith is so fat from his glamourous  life selling Hollywood garbage that he can’t even fit in an airplane!  This guy is a joke and is not worth more than two sentences.  Bill Maher is an overcompensating philanderer with no wife or family, who spends his personal time overseeing the murder of adoptable pets with his fellow PETA board members.   It’s scary to think that the “educated” demographic believe that Bill and his lackeys are on the cutting edge of reality!

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(Video Censored by HBO/YouTube Due to rapidly accelerating view count.)
February 19, 2011

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel of WeAreChangeLA was just beaten and arrested for interrupting a live broadcast of the Real Time with Bill Maher television show. Video from the live broadcast clearly shows Jeremy screaming “That’s Battery! If you ask me to leave, I will leave on my own accord” There is no reason for his assault and illegal arrest.WeAreChange LA have done this in response to last weeks Bill Maher’s attack on the 911 truth movement.

This is actually the second time WeAreChange La has interrupted the Real Time with Bill Maher, last time gaining national attention for there actions when Bill Maher physically removed the activists.


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Utah: Governor Caught in $13 Million Kickback Scheme

It used to be that when politicians got caught stealing, lying or cheating, they resigned and/or were prosecuted. This, of course, was before “We the People” were conditioned to forgive and forget the Satanic Psychopaths by corrupt religious and moral leadership. Now, we just “turn the other cheek” and let them go about their business, which just happens to be stealing, lying and cheating from the American people.
In Utah, Governor Gary R. Herbert, got caught taking bribes on a major highway project by a party that offered to do the job for the “lowest and best” amount of money. It turns out that someone did a little research and Gary R Herbert took quite a bit of campaign cash from the contractor that was not the lowest and best bidder for the job:
“Herbert is defending himself against reports he accepted a total of $82,500 from members of the winning bid team, Provo River Constructors… One of those bid team members, Guy Wadsworth, gave $50,000 and had two private meetings with the governor in the weeks before the contract was awarded.
Monday evening, Wadsworth issued a statement saying he does “not apologize for supporting the governor’s candidacy,” saying his company, Wadsworth Brothers Construction, has achieved its success “through hard work and quality workmanship.” (
Since the executive branch of government in Utah awards contracts, appoints highway commission members, and is responsible for handing out taxpayer money to the lowest and best bidders Governor Herbert’s ability to steer contracts to his campaign supporters is one of the main reasons why they give him campaign cash. If Provo River Constructors had handed $82,500 over to Herbert in a greasy, brown paper bag, it would have been considered a bribe.  The fact that it went to his campaign does not make it any less of a bribe.
Herbert, of course, feigns his innocence in the matter. Yet, it appears that, after the losing bidder threatened to expose him and his corrupt machinations, they were handed $13 Million dollars to just “go away”.
… the Flatiron/Skanska/Zachry (FSZ) bid team accused the state of giving the winning bidder favorable treatment. Those letters were addressed to the Utah Department of Transportation and asked the agency to reopen the bid for the reconstruction of Interstate 15 through Utah County….
A Jan. 5 letter from a Washington, D.C., law firm representing FSZ said UDOT’s evaluation oversight team “failed utterly in its duty to provide ‘an independent observation of the evaluation and selection process'” for the bid which was awarded last December.
But instead of reopening the competition for the contract, UDOT settled with FSZ for $13 million. (Ibid)
The people of Utah ended up with a more expensive highway project and a $13 million dollar hush money payment. Governor Herbert ended up with $82,500 in campaign bribes. Meanwhile, in the State legislature, Republican House Speaker Becky Lockhart is talking about 7% cuts in the State Budget: (Source)
Utah is not the best managed state by accident, we’re there because make the tough decisions we make the kind of decisions that families have to make when times are hard,” Lockhart said.
Lockhart believes the legislature’s aggressive approach to balancing the state’s budget early in the session is because “it’s a sign that the legislature takes their responsibility to balance the budget very seriously.”
However, the steep cuts to areas of law enforcement, social services and other large state sectors is a sign that the state economy is still on the road to recovery. (Ibid)
Satanic Psychopaths create their own reality, or illusion, or fabrications as it were. Becky fails to point out that one of the primary reasons why there will be less police on the streets of Utah is because of Governor Gary Herbert’s lack of a moral compass or anything that resembles a normal human conscience.
The people of Utah, the Mormon Church, and the other victims of Governor Herbert’s Satanic Psychopathic management style should drive the crook out of office. They should also remember that the Mormon Church owned newspaper and media, only brought this issue to their attention after Herbert’s political opponent complained about the matter.
Don’t look for a resignation demand from the Mormon Church owned Deseret News, or its Editorial Department. If they start taking on Satanic Psychopaths in Utah, who knows where the matter would end.
Expect the Utah State Legislature to pass another worthless law while avoiding impeachment hearings. Once again, if Utah politicians start impeaching Psychopathic politicians, who would be left to run the state or steal taxpayer dollars in exchange for campaign contributions?
Only the people of Utah can force Herbert from office. I invite them to copy this article and send it to the Utah State Legislature, their friends, or just hand it out on the State Capital steps. Its not just Herbert’s honor and reputation we are talking about here.  Utah Mormons need to show the world that they actually believe the high moral standards their missionaries preach to the world. They need to remove crooks like Herbert from political office.
One would hope that the Mormon Church, which has gotten involved in political issues like Gay Rights and the Utah Compact, could use its influence to help remove corrupt Utah politicians like Herbert. After all, they do own a good chunk of media in the state.


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Hacked, Attacked, And Burned To The Ground! Are ‘Forces’ Trying To Silence Researcher?

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Can You Define Necessity?



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The Most Dangerous Man In Talk Radio

Jeff Rense is an hero of mine.  If you haven’t listened to his radio program, you are truly missing out on a life changing experience.  In a talk radio/internet world of loudmouthed fear mongers, Rense is a levelheaded, inquisitive and courageous journalist.  That’s what makes him so dangerous! – Editor

“The dream of every leader, whether a tyrannical despot or a benign prophet, is to regulate the behavior of his people.”
— Colin Blakemore (“Mechanics of the Mind”)
When Jeff Rense walked away from a #1 rated Oregon TV news anchor position, people suspected job burnout.
But Rense wasn’t burned out on his job – his dissatisfaction was with the entire news media mainstream itself.
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