The Dominoes Always Fall in the Zionist’s Favor

I feel the same way about the “revolutions” in the Middle East as I do about Wikileaks.  If any of these incidents threatened the control of the ruling elite, they would not be plastered endlessly across the media.  Discarding a few worn-out puppets is only eyewash.  While it is inspirational to see citizens fight crooked government, the riots in the Muslim world are not about an oppressed people rising up.  They are about divide and conquer.  They are about Zionism’s vertical consolidation of power in the region. – Editor


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One response to “The Dominoes Always Fall in the Zionist’s Favor

  1. Cynthia Lauren Thorpe

    I’ve got to share something as I ‘back out’ of and get back to ‘real life’ in South Australia.

    Well, ‘two things’ actually – after all, I’m female.

    1. I have now found another ‘quickie’ post of yours (I don’t even know if you’re the ‘Editor’ – up there under ‘The Dominoes Always Fall’ area…(as I’m not super internet savvy.) But, IF you are… Wowie Zowie doesn’t even come CLOSE to the impact your words have on this Truthful Heart of mine.

    2. I’ve often thought of just ‘who’ makes up ‘words’ – you know, ‘Who translates them from their original sources into – say, English – and ‘gives us’ (feeds us) the pronunciation, the spelling, and the ‘definition’… It’s just been a pet project, over the years…

    But, two days ago – while making my coffee – I ‘heard’ in my heart – ‘Have you ever thought about the term: “Think out of the Box”? And, I mused a moment and as a former business woman – I dared say I had.

    Then, “The Voice” asks: Well, then ~ what do you think that term truly means? To which I respond (after sipping my coffee and having my smoke) – ‘That means/implies that if one must ‘think out of the box’ – one is actually IN the Box in order to have to ‘think out of it’.

    “Exactly.” A ‘Box’ – that Humanity has been metaphorically and quite physically been ‘placed into’ – by means of direct propaganda.

    Anyhow, just thought I’d share once again – and now I’ll truly try once more to leave this web site because I could sit here for days on end reading these articles. They affirm EACH of my thoughts and expand many Truths to an almost ‘nose-bleed’ height. How can I EVER get to and find that other brilliant American AND read Mrs. Elizabeth Dilling/Stokes – like I’m supposed to – when I’m ‘rapt’ up in your words???!!!

    I MUST know you from SOMEWHERE – for the words are like arrows of white light brightening this heart – the Truthful arrows of a Friend. THANK YOU and I hope you know Christopher Monckton, too – for, if you don’t – you guys REALLY need to ‘talk’.

    Again – Wowie Zowie comes to mind – but, I’m more fond of saying: YAHOO? – YAHWEA.
    An Enthralled
    C.L. Thorpe

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