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Short Life Expectancy for BP Whistleblowers?

By Pat Shannan

The investigation, if it can properly be so called, of the unsolved murder of the former high ranking Pentagon official and presidential advisor John P. Wheeler III, who was also an expert on chemical and biological weapons, may be taking a turn in the direction of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Wheeler, 67, a West Point grad, was beaten and thrown into a garbage dumpster. His body was discovered in a Wilmington, Del. landfill last New Year’s weekend. Both police detectives and news commentators described it as “an apparent hit,” but little else was ever learned, and no suspects have surfaced.

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Obama Major Brain Surgery?
An Obot? Massive Head Scars

A Exclusive
From Henry Makow via P.F.
What is up with these scars and why haven’t they received any major news attention? Is this why Obama’s medical records have been sealed? I have inverted some of the photos to accentuate the wounds.  (Surgical scars?)  – P.F.



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