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So much for the diet: Anti-obesity crusader Michelle Obama feasts on ribs during pricey family vacation

Michelle Obama feasted on ribs while on her skiing holiday, it has emerged.

The First Lady, who has spearheaded a campaign to change American eating habits, ate ancho-chile short ribs from a restaurant next to her luxury ski hotel in Vail, Colorado.

The Obamas have already come under fire for the vacation, with the President accused of double standards after appealing for Americans to sacrifice their holidays just days before his wife and children went on the costly skiing trip.

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Bill Maher; you ignorant slut.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Once there was a couple of glib ranters, whose main purpose in the act was to make themselves look clever and on the right side of the issues. The right side of issues would always have to be the perspective that seeks the greatest good for the greatest number of people. It would also have to be the position that speaks truth to power and recognizes that we are equal in some way, somehow, however difficult it may be to define.

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Can You Define Necessity?



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The Most Dangerous Man In Talk Radio

Jeff Rense is an hero of mine.  If you haven’t listened to his radio program, you are truly missing out on a life changing experience.  In a talk radio/internet world of loudmouthed fear mongers, Rense is a levelheaded, inquisitive and courageous journalist.  That’s what makes him so dangerous! – Editor

“The dream of every leader, whether a tyrannical despot or a benign prophet, is to regulate the behavior of his people.”
— Colin Blakemore (“Mechanics of the Mind”)
When Jeff Rense walked away from a #1 rated Oregon TV news anchor position, people suspected job burnout.
But Rense wasn’t burned out on his job – his dissatisfaction was with the entire news media mainstream itself.
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Maritime Admiralty Law further explained

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Wikileaks and US Intelligence Computers

Wikileaks founder worked on U.S. intelligence computer espionage system in 1990s

By Wayne Madsen

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was not always considered a pariah by the U.S. intelligence community. In fact, according to a knowledgeable source who once worked on sophisticated computer security programs for the U.S. intelligence community at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Assange helped develop, at the time, a state-of-the-art computer surveillance tool for use by the U.S. intelligence community, one that ended up being used by the National Security Agency and CIA.

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Kleptocrats At Work: From Brunei To Washington

By Paul Craig Roberts
Kleptocracy is as old as government. Exotic car broker Michael Sheehan discovered an amazing
case nine years ago when he was invited to purchase rare Ferraris and McLaren F1s from
a Brunei collection. He writes about it in the current issue of Sports Car Market.
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