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http://whostolemycareer.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/obama-smirk.jpg?w=255&h=320 See the smug faces of your murderous overlords

Where are all the “liberal” voices against the new war in Libya?  I often go to the huffingtonpost.com to see what the trendy progressives think of current events.  After wading through the disgusting fluff about the latest celebrity “baby bump” or who is “stepping out” with their significant other, you will find links to corporate news stories dealing with world issues.  Real dissent is not found on AOL/huffingtonpost.  You will only get the company line, or some small variation there of.  The comment sections on these stories are so disgraceful that it makes the Fox news audience look enlightened.  There is one intellectual comment for every hundred hypocritical pro-war rants.  “Gaddafi is a brutal dictator who must be stopped from killing the freedom-loving rebels.”  “The brave rebels need our support.”  Recently, Gaddafi asked what Obama would do if rebels attacked an American city.  First off, Obama wouldn’t do anything.  He makes no decisions for himself.  He is a sock puppet who has such a sordid past that he would never step out of line, for fear of being exposed as the fraud that he really is.  To answer Gaddafi’s question, the powers that be would probably light off a neutron bomb on the rebels and then use the media to blame it on the terrifying Osama bin Laden and the omnipotent Al Qaeda (correctly pronounced Al- CIA duh). 

How many times will these enlightened, progressive voices use mental gymnastics to call for democracy to be delivered from fighter jets?  The vast majority of Americans will believe the media’s spin on the “new Hitler” every time.  Most probably lack the ability to understand that about 6 billion or so people see the U.S. and the western world as the new Nazis.  Whatever that means. – Editor


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The All-Seeing Eye Over Egypt

The mainstream media is a controlled enterprise.  Thoroughly.  If a popular movement truly threatens “the powers that be,” do you think it would be on the nightly news and all over the papers for weeks on end?  It is impossible for outside observers to know the true impetus behind the “uprising” in Egypt, but it is important to know your enemy.  Always keep in mind:  If you create enough Chaos, most people will beg for Order.  And wreaking havoc and enforcing a perverted Order is what the controllers do best!

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Michelle Obama’s $635 Pair Of Toeless Shoes

From Lindsey Williams (rense.com)
These shoes are worth $635?? I wouldn’t pay that if I was a millionaire!

Photo: Huffington Post.
Photo: New York Magazine.
Barack Obama enjoys living like a king, so why shouldn’t Michelle Obama
live like a queen?
The First Lady was photographed last night in Hawaii
wearing $635 per pair
designer shoes by Maison Martin Margiela.
A woman lucky enough to have a job
in this economy and working for
the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour
would have to work 88 hours (without taxes taken out)
to make enough to pay for Michelle Obama’s shoes.
The Obama’s are staying at an $8.9 million estate for an
estimated $4000 per night. To cover the Obama’s ten
night stay, the minimum wage worker would have
to work two-and-a-half years (before taxes) to
come up with the $40,000 Obama is reportedly
laying out.
Obama has lectured Americans about how they can
not expect to live their lives as indulgently as they
have in the past. He has lectured businesses about
their travel and pay. Yet Obama and his wife live
like kings and queens.
The news media has yet to call him out on his
extravagance when there is 10% unemployment
with no sign of the employment picture
improving this coming year.
The way they spend OUR MONEY is an insult
to every hard working citizen of this country.
GREED is their CREED.
Please send this to everyone, including Politicians,
to see if any of them has the guts to start an
investigation into the extravagance they show daily.

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