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Osama bin Laden Dead? Which one?

Well, it looks like they finally rolled out Osama bin Laden.  I wonder how long they have had this guy on ice, waiting for the perfect moment to bring him out.  The question is, which Osama did they kill?  The fat one? The skinny one?

What a blessing for the Obama 2012 campaign!  Obama will use this stage-managed event to justify more war in Libya and elsewhere.  The timing couldn’t have been better for the president.  Now, people will forget all about this:

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Wikileaks and US Intelligence Computers

Wikileaks founder worked on U.S. intelligence computer espionage system in 1990s

By Wayne Madsen

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was not always considered a pariah by the U.S. intelligence community. In fact, according to a knowledgeable source who once worked on sophisticated computer security programs for the U.S. intelligence community at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Assange helped develop, at the time, a state-of-the-art computer surveillance tool for use by the U.S. intelligence community, one that ended up being used by the National Security Agency and CIA.

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Past Haunts Obama

Obama’s grandparents and the Freedom Studies Center

By Wayne Madsen:

In 1965, the year President Obama’s stepfather, Colonel Lolo Soetoro, henchman for  General Suharto’s CIA-led coup against the Sukarno government in Indonesia, left the University of Hawaii’s East-West Center for service for Suharto in helping the CIA with its coup, the CIA and right-wing Time-Life maven Clare Boothe Luce was putting together the “Cold War College” to train young men and women to suppress popular leftist movements in non-aligned Third World nations.

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THE SENATOR FROM TEL AVIV: Joe Lieberman – WTC 7 Collapse Did Not Occur

“Senator” Joseph Lieberman is a disgusting liar and traitor to the United States.  He should be tried for treason for putting the interests of a foreign nation above those of the United States.  Israel is not the 51st state and we need to start thinking about what our unconditional support and financing means for the interests of the American people.  Saying that “God gave Palestine to the Jews,” does not cut it with me either!

Anyone honestly  looking into the events of 9/11/2001 will see that there is evidence of Israeli Mossad involvement and that that alone demands a new investigation.


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Threats to the Establishment Don’t Make the Cover of TIME Magazine

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