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David Rockefeller confronted at Chilean Airport during vacation (ENG/SPA)

Bravo to this courageous Chilean who had the guts to stand up to one of the global elite’s top minions.  I wonder how it feels to be spending your last years of life being confronted everywhere you go?  While David Rockefeller is a vile creature, I have always been more disgusted by the bodyguards/water carriers of the elite.  Hey Guys!?  You and your family will suffer too if Rockefeller’s ilk have their way.  I was lucky enough to stand face to face with a few of the 2008 U.S. Republican presidential candidates.  Trust me when I say, these men who claim to be our rulers are rotting from the inside out.  They are nothing but frightened little parasites.  They loathe anyone who dares not bend knee before them.  Go out and get in their faces when they come to YOUR town.  We still have the 1st Amendment.  Use it!  Believe me, there is no drug that compares to the rush of speaking truth to power!

Together with his good-old friend Agustin Edwards Eastman, Mr. Rockefeller takes a quick vacation almost every year in the south of Chile. Both are well known for working with the CIA during the 1973 coup against Salvador Allende and manipulating public opinion through a newspaper called “El Mercurio”. Edwards is also known for being a descendant of (chilean elitist) Agustín Edwards McClure, who served as President of the League of Nations from 1922-23.


WeAre Change Confronts David Rockefeller


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