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Video Outrage: Utah Police Kill Marijuana Smoker in Own Home

Do not trust the police.  They are a bunch of militarized thugs who will beat, frame, arrest or murder you if they are having a bad day.  We’re far past the days of the kindly “peace officer” who you could trust to protect you.   Now, when you are visited by police, they come in the dead of night, clad in black uniforms and ski masks.  Many of these men have just returned home from slaughtering Iraqis and Afghans and when the PTSD catches up with them, you don’t want to be in close proximity.  Please follow the link and watch an innocent man killed in his own home in the middle of the night.  I hate black uniforms and the cowards that animate them.  -Editor

The police had a no-knock warrant (though they forgot to bring it) to search for drugs. Busting down a citizen’s door quickly, loudly, and with overwhelming force is the standard. Sure, the guy they were looking for was a roommate who had already moved out (and they knew it), but it is so vitally important that we find and imprison people smoking weed at home that even a hastily-planned no-knock midnight raid without warrant paperwork is preferable to allowing one more joint to be smoked by a middle aged man in his own home. (Warning: Video is graphic in nature. Story continues after video.)

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