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Osama bin Laden Dead? Which one?

Well, it looks like they finally rolled out Osama bin Laden.  I wonder how long they have had this guy on ice, waiting for the perfect moment to bring him out.  The question is, which Osama did they kill?  The fat one? The skinny one?

What a blessing for the Obama 2012 campaign!  Obama will use this stage-managed event to justify more war in Libya and elsewhere.  The timing couldn’t have been better for the president.  Now, people will forget all about this:


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German Parliamentarian: Obama is Not God

US Drone Attack Raises Uncomfortable Questions for Germany

Predator drones like this one are used for targeted killings in Pakistan (2008 photo). 


Predator drones like this one are used for targeted killings in Pakistan (2008 photo).

A US drone attack in Pakistan in October is thought to have killed a German citizen. The government of Chancellor Angela Merkel would prefer the case to simply go away, but one parliamentarian is refusing to let it be forgotten.

When a German citizen is killed in a foreign country under mysterious circumstances, one might expect an outcry from politicians and the media. But the case of Bünyamin E., a German of Turkish descent who is believed to have died in Pakistan on Oct. 4, has caused remarkably little fuss in Germany — partly because the 20-year-old was a suspected terrorist, but also because he was apparently killed by an American drone.

The case is awkward for the German government, as it involves the country’s most powerful ally and also raises uncomfortable questions about whether Germany provided support for the targeted killing.

But one opposition politician in particular is determined not to let the government off the hook. Wolfgang Neskovic, a member of parliament for the far-left Left Party, has been pursuing the case and demanding answers from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration.

The German government “has done everything to conceal the facts of the case,” Neskovic told SPIEGEL ONLINE in an interview. “If German citizens are executed in a foreign country — and that’s the only way to describe the targeted killing by the US — the German government has to provide both the general public and the parliament with sufficient information.”

Possible Legal Consequences

One reason the case has not caused a greater outcry is due to fears of an impending terrorist attack in Germany, caused by a recent warning from Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, meaning that sympathy for the rights of suspected terrorists is limited. But Neskovic — a member of the Bundestag’s Parliamentary Control Panel, which monitors the work of Germany’s intelligence agencies — insists that the intentions of the alleged victims of the attack are irrelevant.

“It does not matter whether the people killed were actually terrorists or not,” he said. He called for the circumstances of the fatal drone attack to be thoroughly cleared up. “The US should state whether it actually killed a German or not,” he said, adding that the German government “cannot allow or support such attacks on German citizens.”

Neskovic suggests the German government could bear partial responsibility for the attack. “The Germans would be complicit in the US’s execution operation if they, for example, continued to give information to the US about German Islamists while knowing about a planned targeted killing,” he said. “That could have legal as well as political consequences.”

Open Questions

Bünyamin E. is believed to be one of three suspected Islamists from Germany who were killed in a US drone attack in the town of Mir Ali in Pakistan’s North Waziristan region on Oct. 4. He was apparently the only one of the three with German citizenship, however.

Officially, the authorities have not yet confirmed if a German citizen died in the attack, but sources in the government told the German magazine Stern that they assume Bünyamin E. was one of the people killed. Germany’s Federal Public Prosecutor is currently looking into the case to see if it needs to open an investigation.

The US is increasingly using drones for air strikes in Pakistan’s border area, with the CIA controlling the unmanned aircraft from the US. Drone attacks against insurgent targets form a key part of US President Barack Obama’s anti-terror strategy, and are estimated to have killed over 500 people in 2010 alone. The approach has been criticized by some human rights experts as violating international law, given that Pakistan is not a war zone.

‘Fire and Brimstone’

“Such attacks are happening outside the law,” says Neskovic. “International law does not provide any legal basis for the killing of suspected terrorists outside of a combat situation. … No intelligence service has the license to kill.”

According to Neskovic, if other countries adopted such a strategy, the entire world would become a war zone, with “American drones over the Brandenburg Gate (in Berlin) and North Korean drones over Washington.”

Neskovic reserves his strongest criticism for the American president, who he sees as being ultimately responsible for the drone attacks. “Barack Obama is not God, able to freely decide about life and death,” he says. “Nevertheless he behaves like an Old Testament God who kills people as he sees fit with fire and brimstone.”

With reporting by Matthias Gebauer and John Goetz


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Wikileaks: A Tool of Psy Warfare

By General Mirza Aslam Beg

The Wikileaks revelations confirm the obvious, more than what it informs us about the darker corners of ‘US diplomacy, cloaked in securitocracy.’ In fact, it is Cyber War, in the new game of psy-warfare, targeting individuals and countries, to cover-up the shame of defeat of war on Afghanistan, war on Iraq and 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon. The cyber war has been launched, impacting public opinion globally, and focusing on three objectives mainly:

One:    To cause defamation of the countries which have had a role, direct or indirect, in the defeat of the Americans and their allies, in Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan, and create mistrust amongst them, so that they are not able to challenge future American plans in the region.

Two:    To create conditions for a civil war in Afghanistan and out of the chaos and confusion, reduce Pakistan and Iran to subservience, something they have not been able to achieve during the last thirty years.

Three:  To establish Indian hegemony over South Asia, including Afghanistan, and project American strategic interests in the region.

The technique used in making these revelations is typical of psy operations approach, of mixing truth with lies in a manner that truth tends to get submerged under the lies, as is the case here. The report has not said a word about Israel, nor it gives any disadvantage to US in the implementation of policies in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and other Muslim countries, which have been particularly targeted. The Wikileaks betrays the role of a country with resources to break the secret code of US diplomatic order, because it is not possible for an individual like Julian Assange, the fugitive, to accomplish such high profile task. The report, no doubt, has created ripples around the world, but will subside as it is looked into with a deeper perspective, regarding its source, intent and purpose.

Hillary Clinton expressed concern over the Wikileaks revelations and resolved to prevent such happenings in the future. In the first place, did she not know what the ‘Wikileaks’ were upto, and why could they not be stopped in time and their website blocked, under the law of the country? It could be checked, if the US government so wanted, but did not, because, they themselves are part of the game.

Over the period, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have drawn closer to each other, Turkey is also looking East and a kind of Strategic Consensus is emerging. The multi-billion dollar gas pipe-line agreement has been signed with Iran, though Pakistan doesn’t have enough funds for the project but China is willing to support. Iranian generous support for the flood affected people, has been gratefully acknowledged by the people of Pakistan. Iranian President visited Riyadh, early this year and establish a new level of understanding with the Saudis and having had the bitter experience of the civil war in Afghanistan, induced by the Americans after the Soviet withdrawal in 1989, the Iranians are now opposed to any such design by the occupation forces. Wikileaks, thus is a crude attempt to create distrust, between Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia in particular at this critical juncture, when the occupation forces face the dilemma of exiting from Afghanistan, without any understanding reached with the Taliban. Thus a sinister plan is emerging to divide Afghanistan in three ethnic zones and deny overall control to the Taliban, because, Taliban rule is feared by the occupation forces. The plan to divide Afghanistan has been worked out at Brussels, by the Internal Crisis Group. Its main features are:

  1. A few months time has been given to Karzai to negotiate peace and evolve a plan with the Taliban and Northern             Alliance. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran are expected to fully support such negotiations.
  2. If negotiations fail, the alternative is to divide Afghanistan. Thus, the constitutional framework is being prepared for the new government, envisaging the judicial system and the political structure, based on consensus of the federating units.
  3. Afghanistan is to be divided into three ethnic zones. The provinces of Badakhshan, Samangan and Saraipul will be handed over to the Tajik and Uzbek warlords, who are already in control of these areas. Provinces in the East and South East will be given under control of Taliban and other tribal leaders. Kabul, Parwan, Wardak and Lugar provinces will be retained by the Americans, supported by about 10,000 American troops, operating from four air bases in this region.

It is a vicious plan, to once again plunge Afghanistan into a civil war and the consequential fall-out on the neighbouring countries. Thus, USA its allies, India and Russia in particular, will have a field day, stoking the fire of death and destruction in Afghanistan. It was the fall-out effect of thirty years of blood-letting in Afghanistan, that countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine and Kashmir are so radicalized. Many more countries will now be affected, in the region and beyond. Sadly, the conscience of the global community, it seems is rusted and is not moved by the death of over six million innocent Muslims, killed in Chechnya, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia and Kashmir, during the last thirty years, as a result of state aggression against the Muslim countries. And now the global peace-brokers want to be the witness to more blood-letting, through state terrorism by the civilized world.

When President Obama took over the reigns of the government, some two years back, it was simple for him to demonstrate courage and launch himself in pursuit of the change he had dreamt for the American people and say: “President Bush, you have won the war in Afghanistan and it is my job now to withdraw forces and leave the people there to establish peace in the country.” That would have been a very kind gesture of deeper human sensibility, particularly for the Muslims, who, will now suffer, under the shadows of Wikileaks and the vicious plan of deceit and division of Afghanistan and the consequential chaos, confusion and disorder.

The road to peace in Afghanistan passes through Washington, where the decision makers have to follow the Rule of the Game, that is, ‘engage with the winner – the Taliban, to lay down the conditions for peace.’ History is a witness to the rule of the game, some 2336 years ago, when Porus, the ruler of the Pak-Afghan border region, was produced before Alexander, the conqueror, who asked Porus, “What treatment should be given to you”? Porus replied “You know the Rule of the Game – Treat the way a king treats another king, who is defeated.” Alexander was so impressed that he handed over the territory, he had won, to Porus, and from this territory the Maurias rose to establish an empire, under the ‘Trimurti Seal’, which now is the State emblem of India.

Washington must follow, the Rule of the Game for the sake of enduring peace in Afghanistan. Truth must be faced, as Albert Schweitzer, the French philosopher said: “Truth has no special time of its own. It’s hour is now – always.”

General Mirza Aslam Beg is former Chief Of Army Staff, Pakistan. After his retirement, he formed FRIENDS, a ThinkTank based in Rawalpindi. Since then he has been writing for several news papers and magazines. His articles have also appeared in International papers of repute.

Now he is a regular contributor to Opinion Maker.

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