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The “Royal” Wedding

 Inbred war profiteers

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Royals to be shrouded in deeper secrecy under controversial law change

The English royal family makes me sick.  How could anyone believe that these inbred degenerates were chosen by God to rule over others?  They have spent decades and probably millions of dollars convincing the world that they are nothing more than kindly figure-heads!  The reality is, however, that the Queen is the largest landholder in the world.  In fact, it is said that the British crown still owns the entirety of its former empire.  In places like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, everything below the top 6 inches of soil belongs to the Queen!  It’s time that all of humanity realized that it is not our shared destiny to be lorded over by satanic, psychopathic bloodlines.  The picture below demonstrates that some people are starting to resent financing other people’s decadence.  I would be nervous if I were in their shoes too.  -editor


Cloak of secrecy: Letters, emails and documents relating to the Royals can no longer be disclosed

Cloak of secrecy: Letters, emails and documents relating to the Royals can no longer be disclosed

The Royals are to be shrouded in a thicker cloak of secrecy because of a controversial change in the law which will protect them from public scrutiny.

Letters, emails and documents relating to the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William can no longer be disclosed – even if they might be in the public interest.

The changes, which are part of a series of reforms to the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, will mean an end to journalists investigating the family’s finances.

The move calls into question Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s comments this week which stated it was a ‘fundamental right’ of all citizens to be able to hold their government to account.

He outlined a plan to extend the FOI Act to hundreds more taxpayer-funded bodies, opening up to greater scrutiny by the public.

But he did not mention the clause restricting information about the Royals.

Since the legislation was first introduced in 2000, the affairs of the Royals have been more transparent – with the family forced to admit in September that the Queen tried to use a state poverty fund to heat Buckingham Palace.

The law has also been used to push for the disclosure of the Prince of Wales’ many written discussions with MPs.

Buckingham Palace has said it consulted with the Government over the new ‘added protection’ for the Royal family.

It was hidden in the small print of proposals called ‘opening up public bodies to public scrutiny.’

Bad heir day: The new law will apply to Princes Charles and William as well as the QueenBad heir day: The new law will apply to Princes Charles and William as well as the Queen 

It read: ‘Communications with the Monarch, the Heir to the Throne and second in line to the Throne will be subject to an absolute exemption, and the rest will remain qualified.

‘The lifespan of the exemption will change from 30 years to 20 years, or five years after the death of the relevant member of the Royal Family, whichever is later.’

Representatives from the Campaign for Freedom of Information have said the change could have wider implications, with royal park keepers and other workers also potentially exempt.

Later this month, Cabinet Office lawyers will go to court to resist FOI requests to publish letters written to ministers by the Prince of Wales.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said the law change was necessary to protect the constitutional position of the monarch and her heirs, who had the right to confidential consultation with the Government.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1345244/Royals-shrouded-secrecy-controversial-law-change.html#ixzz1ATbFcwMz

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The Outrage!

Oh the poor Royals!!  It is obvious from the looks on their faces that they never imagined that their slaves would push back!  I don’t know how they ended up on the same street as the protesters?  Could be a set-up with ulterior motives, or maybe they had previously assumed they were untouchable!  Either way, I had to smile when I saw this.



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